Bonifride (Frida) Tuyishimire

Bonifride (Frida) TuyishimireHometown: Rwanda

Undergraduate institution and major: Henderson State University, Arkansas (Mathematics)

MCW Department: Biostatistics

Career plans/goals after MCW? Work in research doing statistical analysis for a pharmaceutical company

Why MCW? It is small, and the Biostatistics program is great! The professors are always available to help.

What does diversity mean to you, or what does it mean to be a minority scholar in Biomedical Research? What experiences have you had as an underrepresented minority scholar? "Being a minority scholar in Biomedical Research means that I am trying to achieve something that many of other minorities haven't been able to achieve. I am here to represent all those who haven't had a chance to pursue a higher degree. It also means to show others that minorities can also achieve anything. I also get to learn from others."

Any encouraging words of advice for incoming underrepresented students; Any suggestions of faculty/staff to contact for questions?

"I will tell them not to be afraid of coming here just because there is no one else from their country. MCW will help them feel at home. Susan Barnes was so helpful and nice to me. I will suggest that they contact her for any questions they might have."

Contact information:

office: (414) 955-4964

Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226
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