Vacation Policy for Graduate Students on Stipends

Full-time graduate students who are receiving stipends are allowed ten (10) days of vacation per academic year (July 1 to June 30). Vacation days may be used only during the year in which they are accrued; unused vacation days do not carry over to the following year. Additional vacation time may be awarded by the student's designated advisor, subject to review by the Program Director. Use of vacation days after a student has finished his or her graduation requirements is at the discretion of the student's advisor. Days between the end of one semester and the beginning of the next are part of the academic year, and students are expected to be present unless they are using their vacation days.

Students should discuss their vacation plans with their thesis advisor at least four weeks prior to the vacation. If a student does not yet have a thesis advisor, they should discuss their vacation plans with their Program Director. Vacations can not be taken unless approved in advance by the student's thesis advisor or Program Director, but such approval should not be withheld unless the time away will seriously compromise the student's productivity or academic progress. It is strongly recommended that students enrolled in classes not take vacation time while their classes are in session. If a student is planning to be away during classes, he or she should check with the Course Director to determine the policy for absences from that course. In general, personal travel is not an acceptable excuse for missing examinations or assignments.

Students should record use of vacation time on their monthly time sheets by entering hours of vacation on a category 170 line (MCW holidays are not recorded as vacation days). The Graduate School will keep track of vacation days used by students during the time their stipend is paid by the Graduate School. Thereafter it is the responsibility of the student's Graduate Program to monitor the use of vacation days. Advisors wishing to grant their student additional vacation days should provide to the Graduate School a brief note signed by the advisor and the Program Director stating the number of additional days awarded and the reason they are being awarded; the Graduate School will inform the Graduate Program that additional days have been granted. A student and his or her thesis advisor or Program Director may jointly decide not to record an absence as vacation time if the time away has been or will be made up through additional effort on other days.

Sick Leave for Graduate Students

Graduate students do not have "sick days" but must record a vacation time (category 170) if they are away from work due to illness. A student and his or her advisor or Program Director may, however, jointly decide not to record the absence as vacation time if the time away has been or will be made up through additional effort on other days. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a student is away from work for more than three (3) consecutive days due to illness or injury, he or she should contact the Director of Enrollment in the Graduate School to determine if they qualify for Family Medical Leave.

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