Postdoctoral education

If you’re interested in pursuing postdoctoral education, MCW offers a highly rated postdoctoral educational environment that is filled with opportunities for you to learn new skills, publish and write grants and manuscripts, collaborate with world renowned scientists and gain a competitive edge over your colleagues in the job market.

As a postdoctoral fellow, you will join a prestigious group of approximately 175 postdoctoral fellows. You will become part of a diverse team of professionals conducting additional cutting-edge research at a world-renowned institution. In addition, we offer abundant recreational, cultural and social opportunities, as well as a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package.

MCW’s Office of Postdoctoral Education provides resources and information to support you at all stages of your postdoctoral education, including seminars and annual retreats on career development in both academic and nonacademic settings, annual IDP trainings, scientific writing courses, Office of Postdoctoral Education-sponsored annual awards (travel awards, Excellence in Science awards, Outstanding Woman Postdoc award, and the opportunity to apply for Postdoc Industry Consultants (PICO) – an experience unique to MCW where postdocs work as a consultant in local businesses to gain real world business experience and enhance their own marketability.

For more information on the postdoctoral education opportunities available at MCW, please contact the Office of Postdoctoral Education, or subscribe to the newsletter.