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  Course Credit Calculations

Graduate course credit is calculated according to the following mechanism:

Each 18 hours of lecture + exams = 1 credit hour

Each 36 hours of laboratory, conference, demonstrations, clinical conference, other course activities = 1 credit hour

90 outside (non-contact) credit hours = 1 credit hour



Proposals for new courses, new certificate programs, new programs or changes in title, content or credit hours must go through this process:

All proposals for new and altered graduate programs and courses must be prepared according to guidelines developed by the Graduate Studies Council and are available in the Graduate School office. These proposals are reviewed by the Graduate School Dean and, if complete, forwarded to the Curriculum and Programs Committee for evaluation. This evaluation concludes in a recommendation for approval, approval with changes, or disapproval. The Committee's recommendation is then discussed and acted upon by the Graduate Studies Council. Not infrequently, the course or program director is interviewed by the Council as part of the review process.

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