Academic Qualifications

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In order to satisfy the minimum requirements for admission, students must:

  • Present evidence of capacity for graduate study in public health.
  • Have a strong foundation in the quantitative, behavioral and biological sciences, regardless of undergraduate major.
  • Provide a carefully constructed personal statement describing research interests, career goals and reasons for interest in graduate school.
  • Have an average of 60% or greater on the scores of the Verbal and Quantitative components and 3.5 or greater on the Analytical Writing component of the Graduate Record Examination. Tests must have been taken within five years from the date of application. In special circumstances, the MCAT may be accepted at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

Other indicators of a commitment to a graduate program, which are carefully weighed in the admissions process, include participation in public health research, particularly mentored research programs, and related professional and life experiences.

If students have an undergraduate degree in public health, they automatically meet the requirements.

If not, students will be required to have:

  • 6 credits of psychology, sociology or anthropology
  • 3 credits of anatomy, physiology or biology (minimum)
  • 3 credits of statistics
  • 3 credits of research methods

Students deficient in any of these may still apply on the condition that they indicate a plan for completing the necessary coursework prior to matriculation.

Application Information

Applications for Fall 2018 admissions are due December 1st, 2017.

Additional Part-time Requirements:

  • Master’s degree preferred 
  • Employment in relevant field 
  • Tuition paid by student
  • One letter must be from current employer
  • Part-time students have up to 7 years to complete the degree