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  Harmonee Square Luxury Apartments (leases begin July 1, 2018)

Harmonee Square

1501 Underwood Ave

Wauwatosa, Wi 53213


Joann Henricks

Property Manager/Leasing Executive

(414) 651-3786

  Housing Resources Links
  Before You Start Looking

Before you start looking, there are several sources of information to investigate before you hit the road.

  • MCW has bulletin boards (located in the cafeteria and in the MEB North Stairwells) which list vacant apartments, homes for sale or students looking for roommates. Additionally, there is a Housing Listings Binder which contains listings of available apartments and listings of medical students looking for roommates. This book is located in the Office of Student Affairs (third floor) during working hours and at the Security Desk (first floor) on week-ends from June-Mid August. There are the current offerings in the Housing Listings section below.
  • Renting your first apartment? Check out's rental guide!
  • Many grocery and convenience stores carry neighborhood newspapers that may have local rental listings. Most of them also carry Start Renting magazine which also lists local apartments.
  • Students may also access the Kathy Burnett housing site utilized by incoming residents.
  • Some apartments are advertised only by a FOR RENT sign in the window or in front of the building. Spend some time driving or walking through an area in which you are interested in living and look for vacancy signs.
  • You may wish to contact a rental agency, but only if you are unable to locate an apartment through the sources listed above. The majority of agencies charge a non-refundable fee ranging from $35-$50. Before visiting agencies, call and request information regarding specific services provided and fees.



Before you begin your search, it will be necessary for you to decide how much you can afford to pay.

Before you begin your search, it will be necessary for you to decide how much you can afford to pay.

Once you have arrived at an amount, don't change it. Nice places have a way of tempting you to live on money you don't have. Check the housing survey (PDF) for current rental estimates.

When you agree to rent an apartment, you will probably be required to pay a security deposit. It will usually be equal to one month's rent. The deposit is kept by the landlord to protect him/her from any damage you may cause while living there. When you move out, your landlord is obligated to return the deposit within 21 days, minus any funds withheld to repair damages. If the landlord does withhold funds, he or she is required to give you an itemized list of the damages and the amount withheld. To protect yourself from damages for which you are not responsible, ask for an inventory and assessment list. Check the apartment carefully before renting it.


   Housing Survey

MCW student housing survey. Everything you need to know!

Read the Student Housing Survey results (PDF)


Scan the QR code below to download the 2015 Student Housing Survey results to your smartphone.

MCW Student Housing Survey

   Roommate Questionnaire

If you are looking for a roommate, complete the questionnaire.


MCW keeps a roommate registry from June 1 through the month of August for incoming freshmen students.

A roommate can provide companionship and a study partner as well as a way to help reduce expenses. MCW keeps a roommate registry from June 1 through the month of August for incoming students. Included in this publication is a Roommate Questionnaire (PDF). Please fill out the form completely and email it to, or fax it back to our office at (414) 955-0120. Upon receipt you will receive access to the scanned Questionnaire on Desire2Learn (D2L). On the questionnaire, there is a section explaining the Roommate List (RL). This list generally contains first year medical students looking for roommates. It may also list the names of incoming graduate students. We do not select, match or contact the participants on the RL. You must make all contacts and arrangements yourself. Remember to not only consider personalities and lifestyles but also the legal and financial obligations of joint tenancy. Each co-tenant is by law liable for all money owed to the landlord. For example, if your roommate does not pay his/her share of the rent or damages the apartment, you too are responsible.

   When To Look

Begin your housing search as soon as possible. Come to Milwaukee and start getting familiar with the city.

Begin your housing search as soon as possible. Come to Milwaukee and start getting familiar with the city. August 1 leases will be on the market the first full week of June. Ideally, try to visit the Milwaukee area no later than July so that you can sign a lease to begin August 1. You want to be settled in your apartment by the time Orientation starts. If you need a place to stay while you are conducting your housing search, please consult the Lodging and Housing Guide published by the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center. The following week-ends will be 'extra busy' in the Milwaukee area. You may need to adjust your schedule if hotels are full: June 23 to July 5, Summerfest; August 6 - August 16, Wisconsin State Fair.


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