REMINDER: Do NOT Use Log Comment Activity in eBridge to Communicate with the GCO

If you need to communicate with the GCO about a Funding Proposal (FP) in eBridge, do NOT use the ‘Log Comment and Attach Documents’ activity in the FP!  The Log Comment activity is meant to keep electronic record of additional documentation for an FP after it has moved to an un-editable state, similar to a file folder for the project.  The Log Comment activity is not meant to be a communication pathway between the PI/staff/department and the GCO.  Do not use this activity to ask questions, get a status update, or provide missing information that has been requested outside of eBridge. GCO staff do NOT receive any notifications when the Log Comment activity is used.  If you need to communicate with GCO staff regarding the FP or project, you must email them outside of eBridge.

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