Federal Salary Cap Change

Effective January 12, 2014, the federal Executive Level II salary cap increased by 1% from $179,700 to $181,500.  For NIH and other federal agencies that apply this cap, the new amount will now need to be budgeted in applications and applied to awards.  Projects with an award date on or before January 11, 2014 will continue to apply the $179,700 cap.  Projects with an award date on or after January 12, 2014, and new applications being submitted to NIH and other relevant agencies, are subject to the new cap of $181,500.

The new cap was made available in eBridge as of February 16, and will automatically be applied to relevant personnel listed in the budget grids on page W.  If you are creating a new federal, federal pass-through or AHW budget on or after February 16, 2014, no additional action will be necessary in eBridge because the system will default to the revised cap.  If you receive an NIH award on or after January 12, 2014, the cap will need to be updated during reconciliation of the Funding Proposal by going into the budget grids on page W and clicking Save.  If you have any questions, please contact the GCO Analyst who supports federal or AHW applications for your department, or the eBridge Help Desk (Help-eBridge@mcw.edu, or 414-955-8476).


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