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March 2015
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Upcoming Changes to the Grants & Contracts eBridge Module

The April 18, 2015 eBridge production patch will include exciting new upgrades to the Funding Proposal module.  These changes are the first, major changes to the module since it went live in February 2009.

The production patch includes a significant redesign of the personnel costs grid on Page W of the Budget SmartForm.  In response to user requests and to match business practice, personnel costs will be calculated monthly rather than daily.  An inflator option will also be added to Page W that will allow the inflation rate to be adjusted per project and budget. This option will allow more flexibility than the current the automatic 3.5% inflation rate or adjusting each individual’s entry in the Salary Compensation Schedule.

Behind the scenes, the logic for calculating base salaries has been recoded for partial periods, for mid-month project start dates, and for when an individual has multiple Salary Compensation Schedule entries in the initial budget period - as may occur with an anticipated promotion. These changes were made with the input and feedback of several department administrators.

The April 18th patch also features the streamlining of functionality for Proposed Project Start and End Dates. With the April 18 production patch, all date functionality will move to Page C, eliminating Page J entirely.


Would You Like to Preview the Upgrades to the eBridge Grants & Contracts?

The Grants and Contracts Office along with the eBridge Support Team are looking for volunteers to test the new functionality being added to the Funding Proposal module.  A commitment for one, 2-hour testing session will allow you to preview and test the changes to Pages C and W.  Choose between Wednesday, April 1, 10:00-12:00; Thursday, April 2, 1:00-3:00; or Friday, April 3, 2:00-4:00.  For more information and to sign-up, contact the Office of Grants & Contracts.


NIH New Application Policy Reminders

The NIH has issued a Notice to remind applicants that the basic requirements for allowable applications have not changed with the updated NIH/AHRQ policy on application submission (see Notices NOT-OD-14-074 and NOT-OD-14-082).  Investigators now may submit a New application, following an unsuccessful application or Resubmission, without concern for scientific overlap with previously reviewed applications.  The New application, however, should not contain any of the following:

  • Introduction page(s) to respond to critiques from a previous review
  • Mention of previous overall or criterion scores or percentile
  • Mention of comments made by previous reviewers
  • Responses to a prior review
  • Mention of how the application or project has been modified since its last submission
  • Marks in the application to indicate where the application has been modified since its last submission
  • Progress Report
  • Progress Report Publication List

If the New application contains any of these items, the application will be returned without review and will not be considered for funding.


Change in Federal Salary Cap

In accordance with the recently signed Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, the Federal Executive Level II pay scale cap has increased from $181,500 to $183,300.  This salary cap is utilized by the NIH and some other federal agencies, and will be applied to awards issued on or after January 11, 2015.  The new cap became available for proposals in eBridge beginning on Friday, January 9th.  Projects with an award date on or before January 10, 2015 will continue to apply the $181,500 cap.  Projects with an award date on or after January 11, 2015, including all new applications submitted after January 10th, are subject to the Executive Level II salary cap of $183,300.  See here for the NIH Notice regarding the change in cap.


NIH ASSIST System – Only Used for PPG Applications

In 2013 and 2014, ASSIST, NIH’s online system for application preparation and submission, was used for applying to NIH’s complex, multi-project grant programs (PPGs, e.g. funding mechanisms like U10, P01 or P50s that contain budgets for multiple Cores and Projects in a single application).  In 2015, ASSIST will also become an option for NIH’s single-project grant programs (R03, R21, etc.).  MCW will not be using ASSIST for the submission of any type of application aside from multi-project grant programs.  The submission of single-budget applications will continue to be done system-to-system through eBridge for those applicable funding mechanisms listed on page C question C6.0, or will be submitted via the downloaded application package from  The GCO will communicate when and if there are any changes to this practice in the future.


Upcoming Application Deadlines: NIH, Non Profit and Internal MCW Sponsors

The first section of the timetable below displays the standard deadlines for upcoming NIH competing applications, and the date those applications are due to the MCW GCO.  For more information or to find the NIH Standard Due Dates for other NIH funding mechanisms, visit the NIH website.

The second section displays upcoming deadlines for various Non-Profit sponsors and the due dates to GCO.  Please note, some of these grant opportunities require submission of a Letter of Intent with an earlier submission deadline.  Please check each sponsor’s RFA/RFP for full submission details and requirements.

The third section displays upcoming MCW Internal Sponsor deadlines and the due dates to GCO.  For more information on these programs, search on MCW Infoscope.

If you have questions regarding the 5-day submission deadline to the MCW GCO, refer to the MCW Corporate Policy.


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