AHA Announces Summer 2015 Application Deadlines


The American Heart Association (AHA) National Affiliate application deadline is July 21, 2015.  Opportunities available for Summer 2015 include: Established Investigator Award; Innovative Research Award; Mentored Clinical & Population Research Award; and Scientist Development Grant and Strategically Focused Research Network.

The American Heart Association (AHA) Midwest Affiliate deadline is July 23, 2015 for Postdoctoral and Predoctoral Fellowship applications.

All applications are due to the AHA by 5:00 p.m. on the due date.  AHA Membership or an application fee is a requirement for submission of all applications, including Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships.  For more information, please visit AHA Membership/Application Fee Information.  


eBridge Procedure Guides for AHA Applications Updated


The GCO eBridge Procedure Guide for American Heart Association (AHA) applications has been updated for the Summer 2015 Funding Opportunities.  The former single AHA guide has been separated into two for the two main types of AHA opportunities: AHA Fellowships and AHA Non-Fellowship Research Applications.

Download the appropriate Procedure Guide before starting a submission in the Grants@Heart site or a new Funding Proposal in eBridge.  Each guide features information necessary for successful submission in both systems.


AHA Announces Two New Strategically Focused Research Network Topics


The American Heart Association (AHA ) Board of Directors has approved the topics for the next two Strategically Focused Research Networks (SFRN).  The fourth SFRN will focus on Women, and the fifth SFRN will focus on Heart Failure.  A Network is comprised of three to four institutions or centers working on three projects each, that are focused on one strategic area.  For more information on Strategically Focused Research Networks, visit the SFRN Home Page.


Reminder: NIH ASSIST System – Only Used for PPG Applications


In 2013 and 2014, ASSIST, NIH’s online system for application preparation and submission, was used for applying to NIH’s complex, multi-project grant programs (PPGs, e.g. funding mechanisms like U10, P01 or P50s that contain budgets for multiple Cores and Projects in a single application).  In 2015, NIH is adapting ASSIST to become an option for NIH’s single-project grant programs (R03, R21, etc.).  MCW will NOT be using ASSIST for the submission of any type of application aside from a PPG.  The submission of single-budget applications will continue to be done system-to-system through eBridge for those applicable funding mechanisms listed on page C question C6.0, or will be submitted via the downloaded Adobe application package from Grants.gov.  The GCO will communicate when and if there are any changes to this practice in the future.


eBridge: Exploring the Separation of Science in FPs


This spring the Office of Research engaged our eBridge vendor, Huron Consulting, to help us explore opportunities for streamlining the process of submitting research grant applications.  Focus groups were convened in April to discuss process improvement options, and specifically, the impact of splitting the development and review of project science documents from the GCO administrative review.  The goal is to include both SF424 submissions, as well as non-system-to-system applications, and the response from faculty, research staff and administrators was very positive.  Subsequent discussions focused on designing a process within eBridge that could enable the parallel administrative review and science development activities.  As our exploratory work with Huron concludes, we believe a technical solution to accommodate this change is possible.  As a next step, a workgroup of researchers and administrative staff will be convened to make recommendations to senior leadership regarding the MCW corporate policies that would be impacted by such a change, as well as ensuring that appropriate expectations and accountabilities can be established.  Opportunities for additional feedback from the research community will be forthcoming.


Upcoming Application Deadlines: NIH, Non Profit and Internal MCW Sponsors


The first section of the timetable displays the standard deadlines for upcoming NIH competing applications, and the date those applications are due to the MCW GCO.  For more information or to find the NIH Standard Due Dates for other NIH funding mechanisms, visit the NIH website.

The second section displays upcoming deadlines for various Non-Profit sponsors and the due dates to GCO.  Please note, some of these grant opportunities require submission of a Letter of Intent with an earlier submission deadline.  Please check each sponsor’s RFA/RFP for full submission details and requirements.

The third section displays upcoming MCW Internal Sponsor deadlines and the due dates to GCO.  For more information on these programs, search on MCW Infoscope.

If you have questions regarding the 5-day submission deadline to the MCW GCO, refer to the MCW Corporate Policy.

View Upcoming Application Deadlines Here


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