Health Equity and Partnerships

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Matthew Dellinger, PhD

Matthew Dellinger, PhD

Research Scientist, Institute for Health and Society

My research focuses on assessing environmental risks to human health in a culturally sensitive manner. Risk assessment is a process that requires quantitative analysis of health outcomes and sometimes subjective values. My current initiatives focus on the tradeoffs between eating fish from Great Lakes fisheries and modern diets in the context of chemical exposure and nutrition. When culture and availability of resources are taken into consideration, chemical risk assessment alone is not enough to promote healthy diets.

Since 2004 I have worked extensively with the Native American tribes in the Great Lakes region to improve knowledge regarding environmental and public health. In my collaborations with tribal organizations we have strived to conduct health research that addresses concerns in the Bemidji Region. By applying systems-based approaches, I have contributed to important governmental reports regarding contamination in the Great Lakes as well as continuing innovative approaches to addressing health issues as they relate to the environment. It is my personal mission to aid in the protection of natural resources and healthy well-being of all inhabitants of the Great Lakes. I work with my colleagues towards clean and healthy environments in which traditional practices compliment the responsible and sensible use of natural resources.
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