Health Equity and Partnerships

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eHealth Equity Alert System

Knowledge is Power…

The eHealth Equity Alert System was developed by the Health Equity and Partnerships Division as a resource to our constituency. Echoing the words of U.S. Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen G. Sebelius, “It is time to refocus, reinforce, and repeat the message that health disparities exist and that health equity benefits everyone.”

Hands holding globeAlthough the phrasing ‘health disparities’ may be widely known, the scope of the disparities is not. The morbidity and mortality rate within communities of color far exceed the general population within most disease categories. The poor health of some communities affects all communities.

In an effort to raise awareness regarding the devastating toll of health inequities and to make science translatable to communities impacted by the disparities, the Health Equity Alerts are provided. This system includes regular health disparities related event announcements, news, research, etc. to foster broader understanding of health disparities, build commitment to the elimination of the disparities as well as identify opportunities for engagement. Historically, community of color have had limited access to health research. We work to fill that void.

The eHealth Equity Alert System features local and national information. The Health Equity Alerts are sent via e-mail, typically once a week.

This is just one of our efforts of being a part of the solution, not the problem.

Things to Know About Health

  • Health is more than health care.
  • Health is tied to the distribution of resources.
  • Racism imposes an added health burden.
  • The choices we make are shaped by the choices we have.
  • High demand + low control = chronic stress.
  • Chronic stress can be toxic.
  • Inequality – economic and political – is bad for our health.
  • Social policy is health policy.
  • Health inequalities are not natural.
  • We all pay the price for poor health.

(Source: Unnatural Causes, 10 Things to Know About Health)

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