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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People in Medicine (LGBTPM)

Mission Statement

LGBTPM is a medical student run student organization whose mission is to cultivate - through activism, education, and diverse membership - an environment of safety and pride for past, current, and future students, faculty and staff of all sexual orientations and gender identities.  By building support both on and off campus, we will break down barriers of homophobia within the medical community to further combat inequalities facing both physicians and LGBT patients.

Membership is free.  We welcome all members, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identities, to join us.

Upcoming Events

2nd Annual LGBTPM Transgender Health Symposium - Tentatively February 27, 2015

2014-2015 Contact Information

President: Ed Kim

Treasurer: Andrew Chong

Community Outreach: Kathleen Wilcox

Secretary: Lawrence Tse

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or considerations at


MCW Transgender Care Resources

Transgender Primary Medical Care: Suggested Guidelines for Physicians

FORGE: An Introduction to Transgender Healthcare

Out and Ally Lists

An important part of advancing the health of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning) persons is to make sure that LGBTQ and allied students and health professionals are visible.

In order to promote visibility of LGBTQ students, faculty, staff, and allies, MCW LGBTPM maintains an Out List and Ally List. On the Out List below, you will find the many people at MCW who identify along a spectrum of sexual and gender identities. In addition, you will find on the Ally List the people who believe that LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff deserve to feel as welcome and comfortable at our school as all others and that the presence of LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff is important for the diversity of our school and the healthcare and public health workforce. We hope the list will continue to grow as more faculty, staff, students, and alumni choose to participate. If you are interested in being on the Out or Ally List, click here to submit your information. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at the email above.

Out List

Faculty and Staff

Joseph Hine, MD (Assistant Professor, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine)

Mike Lasser, MD (Associate Clinical Professor, OB/GYN)

Jeffrey Miller, DNP, ACRN, APNP (Assistant Professor, Psychiatry)

Trevor Miller, MD (Assistant Professor, OB/GYN)

Andrew Petroll, MD (Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine and Center for AIDS Intervention Research)

Suzanne Walczak, MD (Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

House Staff

Robert Schneidewend, DO, MS (Fellow, Hematology/Oncology)

Gene Schwartz, MD (Resident, Internal Medicine)

Ryan Tomlinson, MD (Resident, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics)

Nicholas Yared, MD (Resident, Internal Medicine)


Jimmy Miller (MD/PhD Candidate, Class of 2020)

Angel Alvarez (MD Candidate, Class of 2018)

Christina Oettel-Flaherty (MD Candidate, Class of 2018)

Edward Kim (MD Candidate, Class of 2017)

Nick McCauley (MD Candidate, Class of 2017)

Eric Ohlrogge (MD Candidate, Class of 2017)

Travis Kuemmet (MD Candidate, Class of 2016)

Peter Kuhn (MD Candidate, Class of 2016)

Justin La (MD Candidate, Class of 2016)

Nick Zajdel (MD Candidate, Class of 2016)

Eric Simon (MD Candidate, Class of 2015)


Alex Newman, MD (Class of 2014)

Albert Chow, MD (Class of 2013)

Jeffrey Merchant, MD (Class of 2013)

Matthew Armfield, MD (Class of 2012)

Andrew Lawton, MD (MCW Class of 2011, Current PGY3 in Dept. of Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University)

Robert J Starshak, MD (Marquette School of Medicine, Class of 1968)

Jennifer Carnahan, MD

Chris White, MD

Ally List

Faculty and Staff

Dawn Bragg, PhD (Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Diversity)

John Fangman, MD (Interim Chief of Infectious Disease)

Tammy Hosch (Administrative Coordinator in the Centor for Patient Care and Outcomes Research)

Julia Beerbower (Administrative Coordinator, Dept of Medicine, Division of Hematology and Oncology)

Alex Okun, MD (Associate Professor, Pediatrics)

Matt Runquist, BS, MR (Technologist, Biophysics)

Michael Widlansky, MD, MPH (Associate Professor, Dept of Medicine and Pharmacology, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine)

House Staff

Justin Adams, MD (Resident, Internal Medicine)

Joanne Bernstein, MD (Resident, Internal Medicine)

Soumya Rangarajan, MD, MPP (Resident, Medicine/Geriatrics)


MD/PhD Candidates

Clint Piper (Class of 2022)

Casey Vickstrom (Class of 2022)

Alison Huckenpahler (Class of 2021)

Natasha Moussouras (Class of 2021)

Megan Determan (Class of 2017)

Mina Farahzad (Class of 2017)

MD Candidates, Class of 2018

Arjun Athreya

Alex Barr

Andrew Brown

Edwin Corral

Kristen DeMarco

Dan Destiche

Tarin Dhaliwal

Priscilla Ding

Ashley Doruelo

Kenzie Erdmann

Sean Ershadi

Enio Torres Perez Filho

Shannon Friedbacher

Phillip Herrera

Nathan Holman

Zahra Ismail

Abhipsa Kar

Jamil Khan

Matthew Klinka

Jake Kream

Erin Lehman

Tyler Lennon

Matt MacDonald

Alex Magee

Buba Marong

Amy Mathew

Jenny Moore

Jasmine Nemo

Simon Newsom

Eunice Paul

Tonia Qaisar

Puneet Rana

Connor Roberts

Marina Rosengren

Ryan Schmid

Meagan Schneiderman

Michael Schwartz

Reema Shah

Selina Singh

Mike Tanious

Connie Truong

Rachel Umhoefer

Shen Linda Wang

MD Candidates, Class of 2017

Grace Blitzer

Ashley Bolin

Nick Cates

Anupriya Dayal

Christina Djabiras

Megan Duffey

Karen Ellis

Lea Heller

Audrey Hiltunen

Stan Jablonski

Phoebe Jensen

Sierra Jin

Colin Johnson

Sindhu Kilakkathi

Ben Knight

Jay Luthar

Jacob McPhee

Gabe Oland

Nora Olson

Matthew Perkovich

Veronica Renov

Allison Shewmake

Payton Sterba

Codie Vassar

Amanda Veling

Kathleen Wilcox

Amy Xiaoyue Zhang

MD Candidates, Class of 2016

Anna Bakeman

Jared Bozeman

Brittany Duffy

Susan Good

Jennifer Hass

Katie Hendrickson

Julia Keyes

Marissa Lewis

Annie Lin

Hillary McLaren

Bethany Powers

Shanta Shepherd, MPH, MA

Hannah Tan

MD Candidates, Class of 2015

Kanwardeep Kaleka

Mark Kashtan

Alina Leung

Amy Peebles


Mike Aleksandrowicz, MD (Class of 2014)

Brian Beerbower, MD (Class of 2014)

Jennifer Lippitt, MD (Class of 2014)
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