Evidence-Based Medicine Resources

The process of systematically finding, appraising, and using contemporaneous research findings as the basis for clinical decisions. Evidence-based medicine (EBM) follows four steps: formulate a clear clinical questions from a patient's problem; search the literature for relevant clinical articles; evaluate (critically appraise) the evidence for its validity and usefulness; implement useful findings in clinical practice. **

MCW Libraries' books with the "Evidence Based Medicine" subject heading.

You may also want to search our library discovery system, SEEK, for additional books. Try keywords such as "evidence based medicine" or "evidence based practice" or even just "evidence based."

MCW Libraries subscribes to over 20 evidence-based medicine journals, including Evidence Based Medicine and the Database of Cochrane Systematic Reviews.

Journal articles on EBM:
A search of PubMed (Medline) retrieves many articles on EBM. Note: Full-text links may not work if you are not on the MCW, CHW, or FH networks. To verify that MCW Libraries subscribes to a particular journal, check the E-Journals list.

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EBM Databases:
A list of EBM databases and tools available to MCW users can be found on the MCW Libraries Clinical Resources Web page.


**Rosenberg W, Donald A. Evidence based medicine: An approach to clinical problem-solving. BMJ. 1995;310:1122-1126