Resources for Finding Biomedical Images

This guide provides links to medical image web sites. Please check the usage policies for each site before downloading any images. Free usage of images is allowed on some sites for educational purposes, while others require that you ask permission or register before using the images.

Some of the databases licensed by MCW Libraries allow the use of images for educational, non-commercial purposes as part of the license agreement. The vendors have strict requirements to include the image source and keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices. The use of images for original research articles, book chapters, or conference presentations are usually prohibited in the license agreements so individuals must contact the Permissions Department of the vendor directly to request permission to use the images in such instances.

Please note: Images obtained from other web sites cannot be used on InfoScope nor on MCW public web pages unless explicit permission is obtained from the source. For example, it would be violation of copyright to download an image from Google Images and upload it onto an MCW department web page without also obtaining permission.

Free Web Sites

Resources from MCW Libraries

All resources are available on the All Databases page. Electronic books are excellent sources for quality images!

AccessEmergency Medicine, AccessMedicine, AccessPediatrics, AccessSurgery - Images from textbooks are available under the Multimedia tab.  See the Image and PowerPoint Usage Guidelines for the uses permitted under the MCW Libraries subscription license.  A MyAccess Profile Account is required. It is necessary to create the account while accessing any of the MCW Libraries Access subscriptions. A Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries branding button should be displayed on the top right of each page. Click on this button to create a profile account or sign into your account.   

ClinicalKey – Includes a large collection of searchable images from textbooks. Click on Images under the More dropdown menu located below the main search box or view images within a specific book. See the Elsevier website terms and conditions for the uses permitted under the MCW Libraries subscription license.  A ClinicalKey Account is required to utilize the Presentation Maker. See ClinicalKey Information for important account registration instructions.

VisualDx - a unique mobile and desktop application for diagnostic accuracy, patient engagement, and medical education. Features more than 25,000 medical images that may be used in presentations. See Guidelines for important instructions for using images in educational and non-commercial settings.

Electronic Journals – Some journals have images available from published articles that are searchable. Check the journal to see if images are searchable. The following journals have images (please visit the E-Journals List for a full list of journal links):

NEJM – Original articles are available as PowerPoint slides. This not part of our institutional MCW subscription. If you want to download the slides, you must pay NEJM.
BMJ – Images in articles are available in PowerPoint for teaching.
JAMA- Download figures and tables with captions and logos onto PowerPoint slides (download slides from full text article view) for teaching.

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