A-Z List of Mobile Device Resources

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(All apps/resources are free unless otherwise noted.)

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3D Brain
29 interactive structures that can be rotated in 3D space.  Each structure contains information on associated functions, disorders, brain damage, etc.

3D4Medical's Images - iPad
Over 400 medical images and 40 videos developed using 3D computer software.

AAP Red Book Online
Provides clinically useful information on the manifestations, etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of some 200 childhood infectious diseases.
Notes: Access Red Book Online while on the MCW Campus or via the proxy server.  Click on Sign In.  Create your individual account.  Next go back to the Red Book Online site to log in.  Remain logged into Red Book Online.  Install the AAP Red Book app on your device.  Open the app and enter your newly created AAP login and password.  The Red Book contents should download to your device.  (If you receive an error message which indicates that the app requires a subscription, try logging in a second time.)
AAP Red Book requires that you re-verify your access every 120 days which you do by logging into Red Book Online while on the MCW campus or via the proxy server.  Installation instructional video.

AccessMedicine App (MCW Affiliates Only)
Includes four AccessMedicine products for your mobile device: Quick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment, Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas of Clinical Dermatology, Diagnosaurus 2.0, and the Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests.
Notes: To activate and for continued use of the app, the user must have an active My Access account and sign in every 90 days through MCW Libraries, either on-site or through the Libraries' proxy server.  Your MyAccess account user name and password will activate the AccessMedicine App.  Installation instructional video.

Clinical practice guidelines from the American College of Physicians & the American Society of Internal Medicine.  There is also a mobile ACP-ASIM Web site.

Adobe Reader
Allows you to view and interact with PDF documents.

The Electronic Preventive Services Selector (ePSS) is a quick hands-on tool designed to help primary care clinicians identify the screening, counseling, and preventive medication services that are appropriate for their patients.  Installation instructional video.

Anesthesia Clinical Tutor and Calculator   
Designed to teach and simplify the calculations that are involved in the practice of Anesthesia. A paid premium version is also available.

AnkiMobile Flashcards
AnkiMobile is a paid companion to the free computer program, for use on Apple devices. $24.99 on iTunes App Store.  AnkiDroid developers (a separate group) decided to make the Android version free (as it's based off the free desktop code).

An app bargain guide (sales, free apps) for iOS and Android devices.

BMI Calculator
The National Heart Blood and Lung Institute's BMI calculator.

Calculate by QxMD
More than 150 clinical calculators and decision support tools.  Installation instructional video.

Google Chrome allows for fast, simple Internet browsing. Includes privacy features and Sign-in synchronization with your Google account. MCW Students should use the Chrome browser for connecting to the Audience Response System.

Citrix Receiver
Access your desktop's apps and data from any device.

A differential diagnosis tool that allows you to browse by organ system, symptoms, or diseases.  Contains 1,000+ differential diagnoses.  $1.99 on the Apple Store and via Google Play, free on Palm, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

Dictionary from Merriam-Webster
Based on Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition.  Free and premium versions available.

Combines screencasting, desktop control and an interactive whiteboard in one app.

Dragon Dictation
An suite of easy to use voice recognition applications powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or e-mail messages. 

Save photos, documents and videos.  Any file you save to your Dropbox account is accessible from all of your computers, iPhone, iPad and the Dropbox Web site.

Designed for use at the point of care, providing best available evidence and updated daily.  Available free to all Medical College of WI faculty, students and staff through the Libraries' subscription to DynaMed.
Notes: Access the DynaMed database from MCW Libraries while on the MCW campus or via the proxy server. Click on the DynaMed Mobile link at the top of the page.  Enter your e-mail address to send yourself instructions, a link to download the app and an authentication key.  You must open the e-mail from DynaMed within 48 hours via your device.  Tap on the link in the e-mail to authenticate the app.  Installation instructional video.

ECG Pocket Reference
A library of detailed ECG tracings, expandable for zoom, notes explaining the clinically relevant features of each ECG, and a quiz to test interpretive skills.

Echocardiography Atlas by Epocrates
250 annotated images and 189 videos of normal and abnormal echocardiograms.

Epocrates Rx
Drug and prescribing information.  Sections include drugs, diseases, interaction check, pill ID, calculators, tables, and patient resources.

Eponyms brings a short description of more than 1,500 common and obscure medical eponyms (e.g., Rovsing's sign, Virchow's node). A perfect tool to quickly look up the meaning of any eponym.

Take notes, capture photos, create to-do-lists, record voice reminders and sync these notes across all of your computers and devices.

Eye Chart Pro by Dok LLC
A randomizable visual acuity exam of Snellen and Tumbling E charts.

This productivity site is an RSS feed reader and tool for keeping up with other Web sites, including Google News. It helps "curious minds curate and consume their digital world." Apps the work with feedly accounts are available on many mobile and desktop platforms.

First Consult (MCW Affiliates Only)
First Consult is an authoritative evidence-based resource.  Designed for use at point of care, it provides access to information on evaluation, diagnosis, clinical management, prognosis, and prevention.
Notes: To create your required individual account, click on ClinicalKey from All Databases. You will use your ClinicalKey account to access the First Consult app.  You must be on-campus to create an account.  Installation instructional video.

GoodReader® is the super-robust highly-rated PDF reader with advanced reading and annotating capabilities. Reviews worldwide hail it as "essential" "the best," "magnificent" and "the killer app". GoodReader can open virtually anything, anywhere: books, movies, maps, pictures, etc. can be opened, annotated, and shared. $4.99 on the iTunes App Store.

iAnnotate PDF
Use iAnnotate to read, mark up, and share PDF, DOC, PPT and image files.  $9.99 on the iTunes App Store. "Lite" version is free for Android devices.

Download and read books via Apple's eBook reader app. 

Browse and view 3D protein and DNA structures from the Protein Data Bank, and drug molecules from the DrugBank. $0.99 from the iTunes App Store; available to M1s without cost through AirWatch "MCW Applications" (paid for with the student technology fee). "Lite" version is free for Android devices.

Amazon's Kindle eBook reader has the largest library of titles and the most cross-platform support on the market. Kindle's "Whispersync" lets users start reading on one device and pick up right where they left off on another.

Updated, convenient, mobile access to point-of-care drug information.
The app will take up 1.1 GB of space on your device; make sure you have enough space before you download the app. Please e-mail questions to CMU@froedtert.com.       Installation instructional video.

Lieberman's iRadiology
Over 500 images of radiological findings of various abnormalities.

Access your LinkedIn account via your mobile device.  LinkedIn is a social networking site for people in professional positions.

The Medical Letter
Access the latest issues of The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics and Treatment Guidelines from the Medical Letter.  Click on Mobile Apps and register for access using the provided form.  Then download the app for your device.

Netter's Anatomy Atlas for iPad
This iPad only app includes the complete set of the 531 Netter Plates from the 5th edition Atlas of Human Anatomy, illustrated by master medical illustrator Frank H. Netter, MD.  The app is further enhanced with a suite of quizzing and customization features.  $45.99 from the iTunes App Store; available to M1s without cost through AirWatch "MCW Applications" (paid for with the student technology fee).

Notability integrates handwriting, PDF annotation, typing, recording, and organizing into one note-taking app.  $2.99 on the iTunes App Store.

PDF Expert
Read and annotate PDF documents. Also allows users to fill out PDF forms on their devices.  $9.99 on iTunes App Store.

Designed for those people who are looking for a full-featured PDF annotating, form-filling & note-taking app. PDF Max provides all features you need for an everyday PDF & note-taking app in one place.  Free version with in-app purchases or pro version for $9.99 on the iTunes App Store; $7.16 on Google Play.

A note-taking app for iPads only that provides the natural experience of writing on paper, with the added power and availability of Evernote. Take notes, keep sketches, or share ideas from anywhere.

PubMed for Handhelds
A Web site for searching Medline with the web browser of any mobile device.  Links are provided directly to free app versions in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.  Installation instructional video.

Create and edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your device.  Requires a Google account.

Radiology 2.0
A series of cases that simulates CTs from a PACS workstation. Includes discussions. Separate versions of the app exist for iPhones and iPads.

REMM Mobile 
Radiation Event Medical Management System contains selected sections on how to diagnose & treat during mass casualty radiological/nuclear events.  Includes just-in-time, evidence-based, usable information for those without formal radiation medicine expertise and web-based information that is also downloadable in advance.

Respond to interactive TurningPoint polling questions during an MCW class or presentation via an iPhone or iPod Touch (an Android version is also available).

SciVerse Scopus Alerts (MCW Affiliates Only)
Application provides mobile access to the Searching and Alerting features of Scopus. Scopus is a database containing journal articles in medicine, science, technology, and the social sciences.
Notes: Requires the creation of a user account on the desktop Scopus web site.

Shots Immunizations
Shots Immunizations Shots Immunizations includes the unified CDC childhood and adolescent schedule, the catch-up schedule, the adult schedule, and the adult medical indications schedule. Each vaccine is covered in sections on the basics, special indications, catch-up, side effects, contraindications, precautions, and contents with additional sections on epidemiologic information about each disease.

Skeletal Anatomy 3D - Quiz and Reference
Test your knowledge of 140 bones and landmarks.  Includes nine 3D models, 12 diagrams, hundreds of images, and video. $2.99 on iTunes Store.

Mark up photos, screenshots, maps, and webpages and then share them.  Part of the Evernote family of apps.

STAT!Ref (MCW Affiliates Only)
Searchable full-text of numerous primary care textbooks.
Notes:   Please see STAT!Ref Mobile Access for more information and instructions on how to authenticate the mobile apps.  Once authenticated, the preferences-based login can be used for 90 days, after which you must click the "Activate/Renew" button from the temporary login account screen in order to authenticate again.

Unbound Medicine
While most products are not free, Unbound Medicine offers one of the largest collections of textbooks and clinical tools including Harrison's Manual of Medicine and many pocket guides.

UpToDate (MCW Affiliates Only) Windows 8
UpToDate is a clinical information resource designed to provide health care professionals concise, practical answers needed at the point of care. Notes: Register for an account in UpToDate by clicking the Log In link. Once your account is created, use that information to install the app on your mobile device. To keep you account active, you must login to UpToDate from the MCW network every 90 days. Installation instructional slideshow.

VisualDx (MCW Affiliates Only)
A unique mobile and desktop application for diagnostic accuracy, patient engagement, and medical education.  All Medical College of Wisconsin, Children's Hospital, and Froedtert Health faculty, students, and staff can access this powerful tool featuring more than 25,000 medical images and specialist-level knowledge to help diagnose, treat, and manage over 1,200 visually identifiable diseases, drug reactions, and infections. Video overview

Installation instructions: 

From a campus computer or through the library proxy:

1. Click here – http://www.visualdx.com/institutional-signup

2. Create your personal username and password as instructed. 

Create an account in VisualDx

3. Once you have a username and password, you can download the free VisualDx Mobile app on your mobile device from the App Store or from Google Play.

4. Launch the VisualDx app from your device and sign in using the username and password you created. 

WebEx by Cisco
Connect to web meetings and conferences on your mobile device.

Look up symptoms, treatments, first aid, and basic drug information.

Wikipedia Mobile
Free crowd-sourced encyclopedia containing more than 20 million articles.

Designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents.  Provides a wide range of information on hazardous substances, including substance identification support, physical characteristics, human health information, and containment and suppression advice.

Yammer is an enterprise social network that makes your job easier and more productive. It brings together employees, content, conversation, and business data in a single convenient location.
Notes: You will need to use your MCW e-mail for setup.  Scroll down to the list of apps and click on the "Yammer" tab to see the mobile app options.

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