System Alert: Update on Access Online Medical Products Migrating to New Platform

Jan. 11, 2014 - On January 8, 2014, the MCW Libraries' Access online medical product subscriptions (AccessEmergency Medicine, AccessMedicine, AccessPediatrics, AccessSurgery, and Scriver’s OMMBID) were moved to a new web platform. The vendor, McGraw-Hill, is currently working on problems related to the upgrade including:

  1. There are several issues related to using Internet Explorer such as the log in/sign out button being obscured at the top right of each page. Please do not use Internet Explorer to use the Access products until this is resolved.
  • Windows platforms XP, 7, & 8: Use Google Chrome (latest version); Firefox (latest version)
  • Apple Computers OSX: Use Safari (latest version); Firefox (latest version)
  • Android: Use Jelly Bean and above. Devices native browser only.
  • Apple iOS 6 & 7: Use Safari browser only.
  1. The black navigation bar at the top of each page has two marketing tabs: Sites and Subscriptions. These pages list all Access products provided by McGraw-Hill, including products the library doesn’t subscribe to: AccessAnesthesiology, AccessPharmacy, and AccessPhysiotherapy. If you choose one of the products we DON’T subscribe to on the Sites dropdown menu you are taken to a product homepage with Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries branding and a statement indicating “Access Provided by: Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries.” If you attempt to view any content you will be blocked from viewing the entire content and will receive either the “Log In to View More” or “Subscribe to View More” messages depending on whether you have signed into your MyAccess account or not.

    You can determine which subscriptions we have by clicking on the McGraw-Hill Medical tab on the far left of the black tab at the top of each page. There is a My Access box on the left side of the page that lists the library subscriptions under “Your subscriptions.” The All Databases page also includes the database subscriptions provided by MCW Libraries.
  2. There are various issues with the responsive design. For example, the image gallery does not display properly on mobile devices but it does display properly on the iPad and desktop computers. Some of the videos still use Flash which means they cannot be viewed on an Apple iPad or mobile device.

Please be patient as McGraw-Hill works to resolve the problems. If you have any concerns about the new Access platform, please contact the MCW Libraries at (414) 955-8302 or


Jan. 6, 2014 - On January 8, 2014, the MCW Libraries Access online medical product subscriptions (AccessEmergency Medicine, AccessMedicine, AccessPediatrics, AccessSurgery, and Scriver’s OMMBID) will be moving to a new web platform. The quality content remains the same but a variety of changes and enhancements will be implemented. Highlights are listed below.

Users with My Access Accounts on the Old Platform
All saved images will be available to users upon logging in to their My Access accounts on the new platform. As an added benefit, users will be able to retrieve all their saved images from across Access sites in one, unified My Access account (as opposed to needing to login to My AccessMedicine account for images saved on AccessMedicine, their My AccessPediatrics account for images saved on AccessPediatrics, etc.). User feedback on bookmarking indicated that users prefer to use their browsers’ bookmark functionality rather than personal account bookmark functionality; hence bookmarks and bookmark functionality will not carry over to the new sites.

Log in remotely using your My Access account
By creating a My Access account when on campus, users will be able to log on remotely by using their My Access user name and password. To ensure only authorized users are able to access the library subscriptions, McGraw-Hill will also implement a requirement that users re-authenticate their "My Access" accounts every 90 days by logging in to their "My Access" account while either on campus or remotely via the library proxy server. This is designed to protect the library subscriptions from unauthorized use.

Link Structure Changing
The overall product links and book links will be changing as part of the migration. The old links will redirect temporarily so library staff will be changing all of the links on library pages and in MCWCAT records. Users may need to change their bookmarks, links in handouts, or links on pages created in the CMS or D2L.

Streamlined Interface and Functionality
A standardized navigation bar, search results display, and special features functionality (such as Q&A, and Case Files) across all Access medical resources will make it easier for users to transition between sites.

Improved Search
A new search algorithm will offer better filtering options to help users find the content they need more easily.

Responsive design for mobile
The browser automatically adjusts depending on the device so users have a great viewing experience no matter what device they use.

Scriver’s OMMBID
Scriver’s OMMBID will be joining the Access medical sites on the same platform and will be enhanced by an image gallery and new chapters and sections, as well as My Access account benefits.

Greater personalization
Users can save images, use custom curriculum, set up alerts, and log in remotely by creating a My Access account.

Download Images Directly to PowerPoint
Users will still have the option to download images to their desktops, but will also be able to export images directly to PowerPoint.

If you have any questions about the new Access platform, please contact the MCW Libraries at (414) 955-8302 or