Long Lost Class Photo Found!

Mary L. Holtz, PhD, Program Manager in Pediatrics/Gastroenterology, was recently browsing at the School Days antique mall in Sturtevant, WI when something special caught her eye. It was a framed photo from the Milwaukee Medical College of the 1901 graduating class. The frame is fragile and the item has some water damage, but she thought it was an amazing find.  She purchased the item and then contacted MCW Libraries.

Upon learning that the Library’s archival collection was lacking the 1901 class picture, Dr. Holtz donated the photo for addition to the archival collection. The collection of class photos that are hanging in the hallways on the first floor of the Health Research Center/Medical Education Building also does not contain a 1901 class picture. The earliest photos in the first floor hallway are of the 1902 class of the Wisconsin College of Physicians and Surgeons and of the 1903 class of the Milwaukee Medical College.

The Library’s archival collection contains very little from the 1900-01 Milwaukee Medical College year. It does include the announcement from the 1900-01 session.

The photo appears to be a photogravure, which was a method for mass photo reproduction developed in the 19th century. Thirty faculty and 36 graduates are pictured. 

MCW began as the Wisconsin College of Physicians and Surgeons, founded on May 20, 1893.  On January 14, 1913, the Wisconsin College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Milwaukee Medical College merged to become the Marquette University School of Medicine. In 1967, the school became a private, freestanding institution. The name was changed in 1970 to the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Thank you, Dr. Holtz, for spotting this unique treasure and helping the Library to preserve a part of the Medical College’s history. What a wonderful way to celebrate the College’s 120th anniversary!

1901 Milwaukee Medical College graduating class