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Wisconsin researchers land NIH dementia grant

Apr. 28 - Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin- Madison have received a four-year, $5.5 million grant to better understand how communication between parts of the brain changes as the result of normal aging or of dementia. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Balaraman Kalyanaraman co-authors paper on potential Parkinson’s disease treatment

Feb. 12 - Balaraman Kalyanaraman, PhD, chairman and professor of biophysics and Harry R. & Angeline E. Quadracci Professor in Parkinson’s Research, co-authored a paper with Anumantha Kanthasamy, MS, MPhil, PhD, W.E. Lloyd Endowed Chair in Neurotoxicology and distinguished professor and chair of biomedical sciences at Iowa State University, in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology.

Biophysics researchers publish paper identifying novel inhibitors of NADPH oxidase enzymes

Feb. 11 - Drs. Balaraman Kalyanaraman, chairman and professor of biophysics and Harry R. & Angeline E. Quadracci Professor in Parkinson’s Research, and Jacek Zielonka, research director of the Free Radical Research Center in the department of biophysics, recently published an article in the Journal of Biological Chemistry describing ways with which inhibitors of NADPH oxidase enzyme 2 (Nox2 isoform) are identified.

Drs. Candice Klug & Kathryn Schultz author paper published in Science

Feb. 9 - Candice Klug, PhD, professor of biophysics, and Kathryn Schultz, PhD, research scientist, are authors on a paper published in Science on Feb. 5 on the structure of a bacterial enzyme responsible for conferring resistance to polymyxin, an antibiotic used to treat infections. The paper represents collaborative research between MCW’s department of biophysics and Columbia University.

Graduate student aims at brain research

Using technology and tools that the Medical College of Wisconsin was a world leader in developing, a PhD student in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and her faculty mentor are pursuing brain research with potential to benefit cancer patients.

National Biomedical EPR Center to host workshop

July 15 - The Medical College of Wisconsin’s National Biomedical EPR Center will host a workshop on Friday, Aug. 21, at the Milwaukee Public Museum, and Saturday, Aug. 22, at the National Biomedical EPR Center in the Department of Biophysics.

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