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MCW professor earns Michael Shannon Humanitarian Award

Nov. 10 - Marlene D. Melzer-Lange, MD, FAAP, professor of pediatric emergency medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), was awarded the Michael Shannon Humanitarian Award from the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Emergency Medicine (SOEM).

Dr. Stephen Hargarten to receive Distinguished Achievement Award from Milwaukee Academy of Medicine

Oct. 15 - Stephen Hargarten, MD, MPH, chairman and professor of emergency medicine and associate dean of global health, will receive the 2015 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Milwaukee Academy of Medicine. The Distinguished Achievement Award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of knowledge and practice of medicine by a Wisconsin physician.

Dr. Aufderheide Describes Cardiac Arrest as a Major National Public Health Problem

Sept. 14 - Dr. Tom Aufderheide (Emergency Medicine) discusses the importance of addressing cardiac arrest as a major national public health problem in Today’s Geriatric Medicine. Today's Geriatric Medicine

Dr. Hargarten Calls for Background Checks on Gun Purchases to Curb Teen Access

Aug. 31 - Dr. Stephen Hargarten (Emergency Medicine; Associate Dean for Global Health; Director, Injury Research Center) tells WisconsinWatch (as reported in the Appleton Post Crescent) that restricting access to guns for young people would be an important step in curbing youth gun violence. He recommends background checks for all gun purchases noting that this step would cut access to firearms by young people. WisconsinWatch is published by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism. Post Crescent

Transplanting hope: a miracle for baby Paityn

Aug. 10 - Last month, 10-month-old Paityn Walters of Peshtigo began to act tired, was throwing up and would cry while she was awake. Her mom, Tara Ellison, said it was out of character and troubling. “She was [normally] just very energetic. Never stood still. Always getting into everything she could,” she said. WBAY

Mother Jones Cites Dr. Hargarten in Editorial on Armed Civilians Intervening at Mass Shootings

Aug. 3 - Mother Jones cites expert opinion by Dr. Stephen Hargarten (Emergency Medicine; Associate Dean for Global Health) in an editorial opposing Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie’s contention that a “gun-free zone” policy contributed to the recent mass shooting at a South Carolina church. Dr. Hargarten notes that armed civilians are likely to make mass shooting scenes worse "given that civilian shooters are less likely to hit their targets than police in these circumstances." Opposing Views

Dr. Colella Explains Value of Community-Wide Cardiac Arrest Clinical Trial

Aug. 4 - Dr. M. Riccardo Colella (Emergency Medicine) provides background information on the value of a community-wide cardiac arrest clinical trial in an NBC-TV/Channel 4 investigative report. The station was reporting on exception from informed consent, a federal approval to conduct select clinical trials in circumstances where the patient is unable to provide consent. TMJ4

Dr. Hargarten Recommends that Gun Violence be Addressed as Public Health Problem

July 28 - In an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio, Dr. Stephen Hargarten recommends that Milwaukee’s gun violence must be treated as a public health problem. WPR

New Emergency Department Entrance Opened

July 21 - Froedtert Hospital opened a new entrance to its Emergency Department on Tuesday, July 14. The new entrance is located north of the entrance to Froedtert’s Specialty Clinic building. Campus signage has been updated to help patients find the entrance. Fox 6 Now, CBS 58, Biz Times

Dr. Aufderheide Discusses the Need for Public Involvement with CPR, Defibrillation

July 7 - More than 100 media outlets nationwide reported on an Institute of Medicine report calling for more research funding and public awareness of cardiac arrest, the third leading cause of death among Americans. Dr. Tom Aufderheide (Emergency Medicine), one of the report’s authors, said, “Any CPR and any defibrillation delivered by the public are better than no care at all.” and WPR

Dr. Tom Aufderheide part of national panel addressing cardiac arrest

July 1 - The Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report on cardiac arrest, the third biggest killer of Americans. The panel found many people do not understand cardiac arrest, and many are unwilling to intervene through the use of CPR and defibrillators. Tom Aufderheide, professor of emergency medicine and a member of the IOM, was on the panel who created the study and participated in a national news conference releasing the

MCW, community partners launch initiative to improve out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates

June 26 - On Wednesday, June 24, the Medical College of Wisconsin, North Shore Fire/Rescue, Bayside Communications Center, the Milwaukee County Office of Emergency Management and the American Heart Association went live with a new initiative aimed at improving out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival in Milwaukee County by increasing bystander CPR rates.

Drs. Aufderheide and Mitchell Receive Eureka Awards

June 4 - The Milwaukee Business Journal named Drs. Tom Aufderheide (Emergency Medicine) and Michael Mitchell (Surgery – Pediatric Cardiothoracic) as recipients of the newspaper’s 2015 Eureka Awards. Dr. Aufderheide received a Lifetime Achievement award recognizing him as an international leader in methods of lifesaving resuscitation. Dr. Mitchell received the Health Care award for developing a non-invasive method to monitor pediatric heart transplant recipients to identify early signs of rejection. Milwaukee Business Journal

Drs. Tom Aufderheide, Michael Mitchell selected for 2015 Eureka Awards from Milwaukee Business Journal

May 29 - Tom Aufderheide, MD, professor of emergency medicine, and Michael Mitchell, MD, professor of surgery (cardiothoracic) and chief of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery, were named winners of the Milwaukee Business Journal 2015 Eureka Award. Dr. Aufderheide was honored in the Lifetime Achievement category for being an international leader in methods of lifesaving resuscitation.

Dr. Hargarten, Julie Halverson Call for Public Health Approach to Reduce Gun Violence

May 13 - Dr. Stephen Hargarten (Emergency Medicine; Associate Dean for Global Health) and Julie Halverson (Injury Research Center) call for a public health approach to reduce gun violence in Milwaukee in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel opinion editorial. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Tanzanian EMS leaders receive guidance from Emergency Medicine faculty

May 6 - Tanzanian doctors Peter Dattania (Head Trauma Services, Tumbi Hospital) and Christopher Mzava (Head Emergency Services, Amana Hospital) spent two weeks in April receiving advice and guidance from the EMS and disaster medicine section of the MCW Department of Emergency Medicine and from Milwaukee County EMS. Their goal is to advance emergency medical and trauma systems in Tanzania, where road traffic deaths disproportionately impact their country.

MCW to provide medical oversight of MFD community paramedic pilot program

Apr. 29 - The Milwaukee Fire Department (MFD) is launching a Mobile Integrated Health Care/Community Paramedic Pilot Program on Wednesday, April 29, 9 a.m. The new program is a collaboration between the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), MFD, Milwaukee County Emergency Medical Services, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) School of Nursing.

Reducing gun violence in Milwaukee

May 11 - Stephen Hargarten, MD, MPH, chair of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and Julie Halverson, assistant director of the Injury Research Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin, discuss gun violence and public health in this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel op-ed. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

UWM Paramedic Training Program to Provide Follow-Up Care for Fire Department

May 7 - Dr. Stephen Hargarten (Emergency Medicine) was a speaker at a news conference to announce that UWM will launch a paramedic training program to provide follow-up care with the Milwaukee Fire Department. MCW is a partner in the program. WisPolitics and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Decker Discusses How to Prepare for Runs, Walks, and Other Events

Apr. 14 - Dr. Chris Decker (Emergency Medicine) provides expert comment to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on how people should prepare their bodies for runs, walks, and other events. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Colella to Lead Community-wide Clinical Trial on Drug for Traumatic Brain Injury

Mar. 30 - Dr. M. Riccardo Colella (Emergency Medicine) will lead a community-wide clinical trial beginning May 15 to test whether patients who have life-threatening or life-altering traumatic brain injuries do better when they receive a medication called Tranexamic Acid, which is used to stabilize bleeding in the body. Wauwatosa Now and Milwaukee Courier

MCW injury research expert featured in USA Today story about carrying guns on some campuses

Mar. 27 - Stephen Hargarten, MD, MA, professor and chair of emergency medicine, was interviewed for a USA Today story about a proposal to allow students to carry guns on some Nevada campuses. Dr. Hargarten questions the adequacy of the proposed training for those who wish to carry firearms. USA Today

Second annual Carrie Falk Memorial Lecture planned for April 16

Mar. 25 - The second annual Carrie Falk Memorial lecture will be held Thursday, April 16, at 9:30 a.m. in Clinical Cancer Center room M. The invited speaker is David E. Weissman, MD, who will give a presentation titled, The courage to start a difficult conversation: setting goals of care in the acute setting. The event is targeted at faculty, residents, and allied health professionals.

Injury Research Center Models Violence Prevention Project on Wales’ Program

Feb. 23 - MCW’s Injury Research Center received a one-year, $194,000 grant from the National Institute of Justice to translate a violence prevention model to the Milwaukee area. The project is modeled on a program in Cardiff, Wales that engages law enforcement, the health care sector, public health, and other stakeholders. The project is led by Dr. Stephen Hargarten, Dr. Michael Levas and Jennifer Hernandez-Meier, MSW. Wauwatosa Now

Dr. Derse Advises Caution, More Study before Allowing Three-Parent Babies

Feb. 18 - In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Dr. Arthur Derse recommends caution and further study before human studies are conducted on genetic modification of human embryos, so-called three-parent babies. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Melzer-Lange Elected Milwaukee County Medical Society President

Feb. 17 - Dr. Marlene Melzer-Lange (Pediatrics – Emergency Medicine) was elected President of the Medical Society of Milwaukee County’s Board of Directors. Biz Times

Dr. Rubin Notes that Cold, Snowy Weather Drives Spike in Patients with Slips, Falls

Feb. 12 - Dr. Jonathan Rubin tells CBS-TV/Channel 58 that when weather turns cold and snowy, it is common to have a handful of patients arrive in the emergency department each hour who have suffered slips and falls. CBS 58

Dr. Tom Aufderheide named Giant of Resuscitation Medicine

Feb. 6 - The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR), an organization that serves as a liaison for resuscitation organizations across the globe, has named Tom Aufderheide, MD, a “Giant of Resuscitation Medicine.”

Dr. Melzer-Lange Discusses Emotional, Physical Scars of Firearm Injuries

Jan. 27 - Dr. Marlene Melzer-Lange provides expert comment in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on the emotional and physical scars carried by adults who survived firearms injuries when they were children. The article provides background information on Project Ujima, a joint program of MCW and Children’s, to prevent childhood violence and provide support to pediatric victims of violence. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Research Center receives grant to pilot the Cardiff Model

Jan. 26 - The Injury Research Center (IRC) at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) received a one-year, $194k grant from the National Institute of Justice to investigate the feasibility of translating a violence prevention model developed in Cardiff, Wales, to the Milwaukee area.

Caring for gunshot victims

Jan. 5 - Wisconsin Public Radio did a series of stories about gun violence in Milwaukee. As part of the series, Stephen Hargarten, MD, professor and chair of emergency medicine and director of the injury research center at MCW, was interviewed about advances in care for gunshot victims, and the value and importance of the Level 1 trauma center at Froedtert Hospital. Wisconsin Public Radio

Woman transcends scars both seen and unseen

Jan. 20 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profiles a young woman who was shot by a stray bullet at the age of five. Marlene Melzer-Lange, MD, professor of emergency medicine, medical director of emergency services at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and director of Project Ujima, discusses the impact of violence and fear on young children. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Hargarten Discusses How Firearm Injuries Lead to a Diminished Quality of Life

Jan. 5 - In an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio, Dr. Stephen Hargarten (Emergency Medicine) discusses the diminished quality of life for individuals who survive firearm injuries. In 2014, 650 people in Milwaukee were either killed or injured by firearms. WPR

Dr. Colella Discusses Emergency Protocol Errors in Care for Injured Kickboxer

Jan. 5 - Dr. M. Riccardo Colella (Emergency Medicine; Medical Services Director for Milwaukee County Emergency Medical Services) comments on protocol errors that were made in the emergency care provided to an injured kickboxer in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigative report on the dangers associated with kickboxing. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Limiting rest helps young concussion patients

Jan. 5 - A study published in Pediatrics found that one or two days rest for young concussion patients may be more beneficial to recovery than a longer period of inactivity. Danny Thomas, MD, MPH, assistant professor of pediatric emergency medicine, led the study. New York Times

MCW researcher works with Milwaukee EMS to find most effective treatments for cardiac arrest

Dec. 18 - Tom Aufderheide, MD, professor of emergency medicine and director of MCW’s Resuscitation Research Center, explained the community-wide research project to evaluate new methods to treat cardiac arrest on WUWM-FM’s Lake Effect program. WUWM FM

Journal Sentinel Notes Concerns about Freestanding Emergency

Dec. 1 - A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article raises concerns about the development of freestanding emergency departments by Froedtert & MCW and ProHealth Care. Froedtert & MCW are planning a $13 million freestanding emergency department at Moorland Reserve Health Center in New Berlin. ProHealth Care is constructing a $38 million freestanding emergency department in Mukwonago. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Aufderheide Discusses NIH-Funded Cardiac Arrest Clinical Trial on Chest Compressions

Dec. 1 - In an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio, Dr. Tom Aufderheide discusses an NIH-funded cardiac arrest clinical trial to determine which of two chest compression techniques used by emergency responders provides the best outcomes. Milwaukee is one of 11 North American cities where the clinical trial is being conducted. WPR

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