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Study Finds that Health Care Workers Can’t Identify Sex Trafficking Victims

Mar. 25 - Major media outlets nationwide, including U.S. News and World Report, Fox News and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, reported on a study published in Pediatrics by Dr. Angela Rabbitt (Pediatrics – Child Advocacy & Protection) that found that health care workers are not confident that they can recognize when children have been victims of sex trafficking. M-3 medical student Megan Beck was a co-author on the study. US News Health, Fox News and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

AHW awards $250,000 to combat youth drug and alcohol abuse

Mar. 20 - The Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin (AHW) Endowment awarded $250,000 over two years to reduce the prevalence of alcohol and other drug abuse among youth in northwest Wisconsin’s Rusk County. BizTimes

What is the clinical value of DNA sequencing?

Mar. 19 - David Dimmock, associate professor of pediatrics (genetics) and a geneticist at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, discusses new recommendations suggested by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics to define the "clinical utility" of next generation sequencing. GenomeWeb

Dr. Margolis Offers Counsel to Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Recipients

Mar. 9 - Dr. David Margolis who was recently inducted into the Milwaukee Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Hall of Fame, provides counsel to the 2015 40 Under 40 recipients. Milwaukee Business Journal

Dr. Chiu Discusses Winter Allergies

Feb. 26 - In an interview with WTMJ-AM, Dr. Asriani Chiu said that winter-time sniffles may be allergies, not viruses. Indoor allergens like dust mites, indoor mold and pet dander contribute to winter allergies. WTMJ 620

Dr. Willis, Megan Beck Receive Awards from the Medical Society of Milwaukee County

Feb. 24 - The Medical Society of Milwaukee County presented its Community Impact Award to Dr. Earnestine Willis (Pediatrics – Community; Center for the Advancement of Underserved Children). Megan Beck (M-3) received the Student Leadership Award. Biz Times

Drs. Volkman and Grayson Identify Protein Linked to Post-Viral Infection Asthma

Feb. 23 - Brian Volkman, PhD and Dr. Mitchell Grayson co-authored a study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry that identified a protein that is linked to the development of post-viral infection asthma. The discovery is the first step in generating a novel type of asthma therapy designed to prevent development of post-viral asthma in young children. Medical Xpress

Dr. Earnestine Willis, med student Megan Beck honored by Medical Society of Milwaukee County

Feb. 20 - Earnestine Willis, MD, MPH, Kellner Professor in Pediatrics and Director of the MCW Center for the Advancement of Underserved Children, and Megan Beck, third-year medical student, will be honored by the Medical Society of Milwaukee County on at the society’s Leadership that Inspires dinner event on Saturday, March 7.

Dr. Smith Explains Why Down Syndrome Patients Have Difficulty Singing

Feb. 19 - In an article in Today Parents, Dr. David Smith (Family & Community Medicine) explains that Down Syndrome patients have difficulty singing due to low muscle tone and because the structure of their mouths and tongues is different, making it more difficult to form words. Today

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin chosen as official medical partner for JCC Maccabi Games

Feb. 13 - Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has been chosen to be the official medical partner for the JCC Maccabi Games to be held in Milwaukee Aug. 2-6.

Dr. Chusid Discusses Resurgence of Whooping Cough

Feb. 4 - Dr. Michael Chusid discusses the resurgence of whooping cough in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article. Dr, Chusid notes that there is little public awareness that adults can get the disease. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Melzer-Lange Discusses Emotional, Physical Scars of Firearm Injuries

Jan. 27 - Dr. Marlene Melzer-Lange provides expert comment in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on the emotional and physical scars carried by adults who survived firearms injuries when they were children. The article provides background information on Project Ujima, a joint program of MCW and Children’s, to prevent childhood violence and provide support to pediatric victims of violence. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A growing hazard for children: swallowing button batteries

Jan. 22 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports on a growing hazard nationwide: children swallowing small lithium “button” batteries used to power watches and other small electronics. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Camitta Comments on Canadian Leukemia Patient Who Quits Chemotherapy

Jan. 21 - Dr. Bruce Camitta provides expert comment to Canadian media outlets on the case of an aboriginal child with leukemia who quit chemotherapy to instead receive traditional healing with ceremonial medicines. Niagara this Week

Dr. Thakar to Mentor Peruvian Hematologist

Jan. 21 - Dr. Monica Thakar is one of 20 U.S. hematologists who will mentor a talented hematologist from a developing country. Dr. Thakar will mentor Dr. Jorge Luis Contreras Saavedra from Peru in the program coordinated by the American Society of Hematology. ASCO Post

Dr. Margolis Named to Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Hall of Fame

Jan. 21 - Dr. David Margolis (Pediatrics – Hematology/Oncology) is one of four individuals selected for inclusion in the Milwaukee Business Journals’ 40 Over 40 Hall of Fame. Milwaukee Business Journal

Woman transcends scars both seen and unseen

Jan. 20 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profiles a young woman who was shot by a stray bullet at the age of five. Marlene Melzer-Lange, MD, professor of emergency medicine, medical director of emergency services at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and director of Project Ujima, discusses the impact of violence and fear on young children. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Thomas Finds Longer Rest Provides No Benefit to Pediatric Concussion Patients

Jan. 12 - More than 40 media outlets worldwide, including the New York Times and U.S. News & World Report, carried stories on Dr. Danny Thomas’s (Pediatrics – Emergency Medicine) research that found no benefit from longer, five-day rests for pediatric concussion patients. Dr. Thomas’s research was published in Pediatrics. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, US News Health and New York Times

MCW/Children’s: Dr. Hessner Discusses Research on Type One Diabetes

Jan. 5 - NBC-TV/Channel 4 presented a report on type one diabetes research being conducted by Martin Hessner, PhD. TMJ4

Limiting rest helps young concussion patients

Jan. 5 - A study published in Pediatrics found that one or two days rest for young concussion patients may be more beneficial to recovery than a longer period of inactivity. Danny Thomas, MD, MPH, assistant professor of pediatric emergency medicine, led the study. New York Times

New Pediatric Leukemia/Lymphoma Director wears many hats

Jan 5 - For someone who admits he didn’t have much of a clue of what he wanted to do when he was in college, Dr. Michael Burke sure has built an impressive resume for himself in the field of childhood leukemia.

Dr. Sato Discusses Services Provided at New Delafield Clinic

Dec. 19 - Milwaukee BizTimes provides a photo tour of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s new Delafield Clinic, which opened on December 1. Biz Times

MACC Fund offers many ways to support pediatric cancer research this holiday season

Dec. 18 - The MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc.), the College's largest donor, has two items for sale this holiday season to raise money for pediatric cancer and related blood disorder research. All money raised from the sale of these items benefits the MACC Fund.

Sports Auction for MACC raises more than $44,000

Dec. 15 - The annual Sports Auction for MACC, which aired on WTMJ-TV Friday, December 12, raised more than $44,000 for the MACC Fund. The MACC Fund supports pediatric cancer research. WTMJ-TV

Dr. Panepinto Moderates News Conference on New Strategies to Treat Anemia

Dec. 10 - Dr. Julie Panepinto moderated a news conference on new strategies to treat anemia at the annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology. The Street

Dr. Whelan Awarded the Legion of Merit from the U.S. Armed Forces

Dec. 9 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profiles Dr. Harry Whelan who was recently awarded the Legion of Merit from the U.S. Armed Forces. The Legion of Merit is one of the nation’s highest military honors. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Whelan honored for undersea medical work

Dec. 2 - Harry Whelan, MD, professor of neurology and pediatrics and director of hyperbaric medicine at MCW and the Bleser Family Professor of Neurology at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, has been awarded the Legion of Merit from the U.S. Armed Forces. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Nature Reports on Dr. Wilcox Research on Clotting Disorders

Dec. 2 - A Nature article on gene therapy discusses research by David Wilcox, PhD on clotting disorders. Nature

Dr. Michael E. Mitchell Named 2014 Health Care Hero

Nov. 25 - Milwaukee BizTimes named Dr. Michael E. Mitchell as a 2014 Health Care Hero in the category of Advancements in Health Care. Biz Times

Dr. Lane Contributes to Study Linking Small Birth Size to Adult Obesity

Nov. 25 - Dr. Robert Lane contributed to a Baylor College of Medicine-led study published in FACEB Journal that showed that rat pups born too small are likely to be obese in adulthood and at greater risk for metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. Baylor College of Medicine News

D. Woodrow Benson, MD, PhD is awarded the AHA CVDY Meritorious Achievement Award

Nov. 24 - Dr. Benson was given the CVDY Meritorious Achievement Award at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions Annual Conference in Chicago on November 18, 2014.

Dr. Willis Discusses Importance of Reach Out and Read Milwaukee

Nov. 20 - Dr. Earnestine Willis was interviewed by Radio Milwaukee (88.9 FM) on the importance of Reach Out and Read Milwaukee for early childhood literacy. Radio Milwaukee

Dr. Praveen Goday co-edits book on Pediatric Critical Care Nutrition

Nov. 19 - Praveen Goday, MBBS, Professor of Pediatrics (Gastroenterology), is co-editor of the recently published first edition of “Pediatric Critical Care Nutrition.”

Nature Reports on Dr. Brandow’s Research on Sickle Cell Disease Nerve Damage

Nov. 17 - Nature reports on Dr. Amanda Brandow’s research on sickle cell disease nerve damage. Nature

Ibuprofen as effective as morphine for fracture pain in children

Nov. 5 - New research shows ibuprofen is as effective as morphine in treating the pain from fractures in children. Amy Drendel, MD (emergency medicine) was a co-author of the study. Grand Forks Herald

The HPV vaccine’s power to prevent cancer

Nov. 3 - U.S. News and World Report explores the slow uptake of the HPV vaccine, which prevents human papilloma virus, or HPV. U.S. News and World Report

Does breast milk affect necrotizing enterocolitis?

Oct. 22 - A collaborative team of researchers from the Medical College of Wisconsin and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has received a one-year, $50,000 grant from the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin to study the association of NAPDH Oxidase , an enzyme involved in oxidative stress, in breast milk, to the development of necrotizing enterocolitis in infants.

Dr. Chen Receives Grant to Study Interventions to Prevent the Development of Type 1 Diabetes

Oct. 21 - Yi-Guang Chen, PhD and collaborators at MSOE received a one-year, $50,000 grant from the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin to study possible interventions to prevent the development of type 1 diabetes. Wauwatosa Now

Dr. Bercovitz Receives Grant to Study Effects of Platelet Transfusion on Newborns

Oct. 21 - The Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin awarded a one-year, $50,000 grant to Dr. Rachel Bercovitz to study the effects of platelet transfusion on newborns whose medical conditions require the procedure. Wauwatosa Now

Report on Israeli Rabies Study Notes Jeanna Giese’s Successful Recovery

Oct. 15 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Israeli researchers discovered the mechanism used by the rabies virus when it enters the central nervous system. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

In-Depth Feature Details Work of Drs. McCrea and Walter on Concussions

Oct. 13 - Milwaukee Magazine published an in-depth feature on concussion research being conducted by Michael McCrea, PhD. The article also reports on Dr. Kevin Walter’s work to enact legislation dedicated to youth safety in contact sports. Milwaukee Magazine

Dr. Tower to Discuss Issues Surrounding a Child’s Cancer Journey

Oct. 13 - Dr. Rich Tower will discuss issues surrounding children going through a cancer journey at a free public program in Mt, Pleasant on October 16. “Cancer – It’s a Family Affair” is sponsored by the Jane Cremer Foundation. The Journal Times

MACC Fund offers ways to support pediatric cancer research this fall

Sept. 23 - The MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc.) has events this fall to raise money for pediatric cancer and related blood disorder research. The MACC Fund raises 75% of its annual income from special events, and is the Medical College of Wisconsin’s (MCW) largest donor.

Drs. Volkman and Grayson Receive NIH Grant to Identify New Therapeutic Targets for COPD

Sept. 15 - Brian Volkman, PhD and Dr. Mitchell Grayson are co-primary investigators of a one-year, $382,500 grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to identify new therapeutic targets for chronic obstructive lung diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Biz Times

Dr. Sampath Receives Grant to Study Genomic Factors Impacting Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Sept. 08 - Dr. Venkatesh Sampath is principal investigator of a one-year, $50,000 grant from the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin to study genomic factors that impact necrotizing enterocolitis, a severe form of bowel disease that develops in five to ten percent of premature infants and has a mortality of 25-40 percent. Biz Times

Programs aim to standardize surgical care for children

Sept. 04 - The Wall Street Journal featured a story about a new program that classifies pediatric surgical centers based on the level of care provided. Keith Oldham, MD, Marie Z. Uihlein Professor and chief of pediatric surgery at MCW, was instrumental in creating the program and was featured in the story. Wall Street Journal

Dr. Broeckel Calls CDI Stem Cell Automation Process as Major Advancement

Sept. 03 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Cellular Dynamics International (CDI) in Madison received a U.S. patent on the automated production of cells that can be grown into any of the more than 200 types of cells in the body. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Heffelfinger Receives Grant to Study Type 1 Diabetes Management among Young Children

Sept. 02 - Amy Heffelfinger, PhD and Astrida Kaugers, PhD, from Marquette University were awarded a one-year, $50,000 grant from the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin to study type 1 diabetes management among young children. Wauwatosa Now

Stem cell patent to benefit MCW research

Aug. 29 - Cellular Dynamics International Inc., a Madison-based biotechnology company, was granted a patent for its stem cell production automation process. Ulrich Broeckel, MD, professor of pediatrics (genetics) and an investigator at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Research Institute, discussed the importance of this patent and how it will help research at MCW. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Chiu Reports that Any Organ in the Body Can be Affected by Allergies

Aug. 27 - In an article on MSN’s Healthy Living, Dr. Asriani Chiu says that any organ in the body can be affected by allergies. Healthy Living

Dr. Ehrman Discusses Pediatrics Association’s Policy on Emergency Contraception for Teens

Aug. 26 - In an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio, Dr. Wendi Ehrman discussed the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement that recommends that teens too young to get emergency contraception over-the-counter should get prescriptions before they need it, as a way of reducing unintended pregnancies WPR

CTSI grant to fund childhood diabetes study

Aug. 25 - A collaborative team of researchers from Marquette University, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has received a one-year, $50,000 grant from the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin to study type 1 diabetes management among young children.

Dr. Routes Receives NIH Award to Lead Multi-Center Clinical Trial on Lung Disease

Aug. 12 - Dr. John Routes received a one-year, $280,000 grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease to design a multi-center clinical trial for treatment of a lung disease in primary immunodeficiency. Wauwatosa Now

Radiologist Dr. Sarah Beth White Awarded RSNA R&E Foundation Research Scholar Grant

Aug. 11 - Sarah Beth White, MD, assistant professor of radiology and surgical oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), has been awarded a two-year, $150,000 Research Scholar Grant by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Research and Education (R&E) Foundation to study metastatic colorectal cancer.

HPV vaccination in the news

Aug. 11 - Denise Uyar, MD, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology, provided expert commentary in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the efficacy of the HPV vaccine and the rate of complications and allergic reactions. The story focused on the recent death of a 12-year old Waukesha girl. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Dimmock Discusses Impact of Genome Sequencing for Identifying Rare Diseases

Aug. 04 - Dr. David Dimmock contributes to an article in The Telegraph (United Kingdom) on the benefits of genome sequencing for families afflicted by rare genetic disorders. The Telegraph

Dr. Beth Drolet begins term as President of Society for Pediatric Dermatology

Aug. 04 - Beth Drolet, MD, took the helm July 1 as President of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology (SPD). The SPD is the only national organization in the United States specifically dedicated to promoting, developing and advancing education, research and care of skin disease in all pediatric age groups.

TV Report Cites Max McGee Center, Children’s National Recognition for Diabetes

July 30 - A Fox-TV/Channel 6 report on the Slam Dunk for Diabetes basketball camp for children with diabetes notes that the Max McGee National Center for Juvenile Diabetes is located at MCW. Fox 6 Now

MCW and CHW on the front lines of concussion research

July 29 - A story on WUWM-FM explores the increase in concussion in children nationwide, and prevention, treatment and research around youth concussion. Kevin Walter, MD, associate professor of orthopaedic surgery and director of the Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine program at Children’s Hospital, was interviewed for the story. WUWM-FM

Dr. Lunoe Reports on Effectiveness of Jet-Injected Lidocaine for Reducing Venipuncture Pain

July 22 - In a presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, Dr. Maren Lunoe reported that jet-injected lidocaine is superior to vapocoolant spray in reducing venipuncture pain in children under seven years of age. The Oncology Report

Kellogg Grant to Dr. Willis Aids Increased Breastfeeding Support for Low-Income Mothers

July 17 - The W.K. Kellogg Foundation awarded Dr. Earnestine Willis (Pediatrics) a one-year, $150,000 grant to increase breastfeeding support for nursing mothers in low-income populations who are returning to the workforce. Wauwatosa Now

Dr. Berger Discusses Newly-Enacted Mandatory Newborn Heart Disease Testing

July 16 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes that MCW and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin were among the institutions supporting Wisconsin’s newly-enacted mandatory newborn testing for congenital heart disease. Dr. Stuart Berger said he hoped the state eventually will allow researchers to collect data from the tests. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MCW Participates in Reach Out and Read

July 03 - Wisconsin Public Radio discusses MCW’s participation in Reach Out and Read, a national program to promote early literacy. WPR

Dr. Brousseau Contributes to Study on Working Parents Utilizing Urgent Care for Sick Children

July 01 - Dr. David Brousseau is a contributing author to a University of Michigan-led study published in Pediatrics that found that a substantial portion of working parents choose urgent care or emergency department visits when their sick children were excluded from attending child care. Health Canal

Dr. Siegel Receives $1.3 Million Grant to Study Genetic Causes of PHACE Syndrome

June 30 - Dr. Dawn Siegel received a three-year, $1.3 million grant from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases to study the genetic causes of PHACE syndrome, which is characterized by a large facial hemangioma with other birth defects including abnormalities of the brain, heart, and eyes. Wauwatosa Now

$50 million MACC Fund milestone for research support

June 30 -The MACC Fund, Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc., will contribute $1.2 million on June 30 to its three beneficiaries, the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center. These research contributions will take the total of the MACC Fund’s contributions since its inception in 1976 to over $50 million.

Kids’ handprint ceremony held at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Delafield Clinic

June 26 - Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin held a kids’ handprint ceremony on June 24 at its Delafield Clinic, scheduled to open in late 2014.

Dr. Walter Says Major Problem with Pediatric Sports Lack of Self-Reporting

June 25 - In an article in, Dr. Kevin Walter noted that one of major problems with pediatric sports concussions is self-reporting; athletes avoid reporting head injuries because they know that they will be removed from the game. On Milwaukee

International Blood Conference to be Held in Milwaukee

June 24 - Milwaukee was selected as the site for the 60th annual meeting of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis because of the quality of research work conducted by MCW and the BloodCenter of Wisconsin. Milwaukee Biz Times

Dr. Walter Discusses Health Risks on Intense Long-Distance Running Training on Children

June 19 - Dr. Kevin Walter discusses the possible risks of intense long-distance running training on children in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

U.S. News & World Report Ranks Children’s Among the Nation’s Best Children’s Hospitals

June 17 - U.S. News & World Report ranked Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin among the nation’s top children’s hospitals. BizTimes

What you need to know about kids and concussion

June 17 - kicked off Kids and Family week with a Q&A about concussion with Kevin Walter, MD. OnMilwaukee

Neighborhood walk promotes health equity

June 12 - Earnestine Willis, MD, MPH chaired a neighborhood walk sponsored by the Black Health Care Coalition. The walk was designed to call attention to racial health disparities. Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service

Improving pain treatment for patients with sickle cell disease is primary goal

June 12 - Dr. Amanda Brandow spends most of her time dealing with pain in patients with sickle cell disease and working on ways to better understand and treat those suffering from it.

Dr. Ramani Ramchandran invited to speak at Mayo Clinic symposium

June 11 - Ramani Ramchandran, PhD, Patrick J. and Margaret G. McMahon Professor and Vice Chair of Research in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Professor of Pediatrics, has been invited to give a presentation at the 6th annual Mayo Clinic Angiogenesis and Tumor Microenvironment Symposium, held Aug. 22-24 in Rochester, MN.

Sam Memorial Golf Outing to benefit MCW pediatric cancer research

June 11 - The 13th annual Sam Memorial Golf Outing is scheduled for Saturday, June 21, at the Scenic View Country Club, 4415 Club Drive, Slinger. This tournament is held in memory of Sam Beres, who lost his battle with leukemia in April 2000, at the age of six.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin ranks among the nation’s best by U.S. News & World Report

June 10 - U.S. News & World Report has ranked Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in all 10 specialties in the new 2014-15 Best Children’s Hospitals rankings. This ranking is just one of a number of awards that recognizes Children’s as one of the top children’s hospitals in the nation.

More than 85 Lives Saved through Project ADAM

June 03 - A front-page article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recognizes the 15th anniversary of founding of Project ADAM by Dr. Stuart Berger. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Camitta Discusses Negative Consequences of Stopping Chemotherapy

May 30 - Dr. Bruce Camitta provides expert comment to the Hamilton (Ontario) Spectator regarding a Canadian couple’s decision to stop their child’s chemotherapy treatments. The Hamilton Spectator

Dr. Shah Finds Ondansetron Does Not Trigger Tachyarrhythmias

May 22 - In a study presented at the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies, Dr. Breanne K.P. Shah reported that the antinausea and antiemetic agent ondansetron does not trigger malignant tachyarrhythmias in pediatric patients who have a healthy heart. Family Practice News

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin featured on cover of TIME

May 22 - TIME Magazine tells the stories of premature babies and the world class care they received in the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin neonatology unit. TIME Magazine

Dr. Walter Reports No Sports Helmet Can Prevent Concussions.

May 21 - In a USA Today article on sports helmets, Dr. Kevin Walter cautions that sports helmet manufacturers are getting savvy and market their products in a manner that implies that the helmets prevent concussions. USA Today

Dr. Margolis speaks at “An Evening with Aaron Rogers” fundraising event

May 16 - Dr. David Margolis discussed the importance of MACC Fund support for MCW’s pediatric cancer research programs at the recent fifth annual “An Evening with Aaron Rogers” fundraising event. Milwaukee Business Journal

Dr. Obermyer discusses possible hazards of juicing among teenagers

May 15 - Dr. Mark Obermyer discusses the popularity of juicing among teenagers and the possible hazards of the fad with Fox-TV/Channel 6. Fox 6 Now

Dr. Willoughby discusses impact of travel on measles, other diseases

May 14 - In an interview with WUWM-FM, Dr. Rodney Willoughby discusses the impact of travel on the resurgence of such diseases as measles, mumps, whooping cough, and polio. WUWM

How famines make future generations fat

May 12 - How could generations of starvation lead to obesity? Epigenetics explains the changes in gene expression that can be brought on by such dramatic experiences. Robert Lane, MD, professor and chairman of pediatrics at MCW and The Barri L. and David G. Drury Chair in Pediatrics and pediatrician-in-chief at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, is an expert in epigenetics and was interviewed for the story in The Daily Beast. The Daily Beast

Dr. Willis to Co-Chair Black Health Coalition’s Annual African American Walk for Quality Health

May 06 - Dr. Earnestine Willis is Co-Chair of the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin’s 11th Annual African American Walk for Quality Health. Milwaukee Courier

Scuba technology born from one of MCW's earliest discoveries

In the late 1930s, Dr. Edgar End, an alumnus and faculty member at Marquette University School of Medicine developed the breathing mixture that allowed his associate to shatter the world diving record. The discovery gave birth to scuba technology and led to further advances in diving and hyperbaric medicine.

HWPP Award Supports Project to Aid Youth Victims of Sex Trafficking

April 29 - Wraparound Milwaukee is the lead agency receiving a two-year, $158,000 award from MCW’s Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program (HWPP) for the Proactive Outreach for the Health of Sexually Exploited Youth project. GMToday

Dr. Amos Discusses Effectiveness of Smoke Alarms to Wake Children

April 29 - Dr. Louella Amos provides expert comment to an ABC-TV/Channel 12 follow-up investigative report on the effectiveness of smoke alarms to wake children. WISN

Hospitals Improve Timely Processing of Newborn Screening Lab Work

April 28 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel provides an update report on Wisconsin hospital compliance with timely newborn screening lab work. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Nonprofit aims to raise $10 million to seed health care startups

April 28 - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profiled a new nonprofit called Bridge to Cures, which aims to raise funding for health care startups in southeastern Wisconsin. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Willis Serves on Task Force Analyzing Impact of Poverty on Area Children

Apr 24 - Dr. Earnestine Willis is a member of the Social Development Commission’s Youth and Poverty Task Force. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Milwaukee Courier

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