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Study Compares Blood Product Ratios in Transfusions for Trauma Patients

Jan. 6 - The Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Surgery, Division of Trauma and Critical Care took part in a national, multi-center study to compare how severely injured patients are given blood transfusions necessary to save their lives. The study took place at Froedtert & the Medical College from January to December 2013. It was designed to compare the effectiveness of different blood product ratios (Platelets, Plasma, and Red Blood Cells). Milwaukee Courier

Vascular Access Symposium planned for Oct. 22

Oct. 15 - The 5th annual Vascular Access Symposium is planned for Thursday, Oct. 22, in the MCW Kerrigan Auditorium. The event runs from 12:30-5:30 p.m.

Pancreatic Cancer Symposium planned for Sept. 18

Sept. 10 - The Department of Surgery is hosting a half-day Fall Pancreatic Cancer Symposium on Friday, Sept. 18, in the Milwaukee Yacht Club Boat House, 1700 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive. The event will run from 12-5 p.m. and include lunch.

Dr. Walter Discusses Treatment of Sports-Related Concussions

Sept. 9 - Dr. Kevin Walter provides expert comment to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on the National Football Leagues new policies on addressing concussions. Dr. Walter said that standard treatment is to rest and avoid mental stimulation. In a sidebar article, Dr. Walter answers frequent questions about the treatment of concussions. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dr. Vetter Says Recovery from a Torn ACL Takes Six to Seven Months

Aug. 31 - Dr. Carole Vetter (Orthopaedic Surgery) tells CBS-TV/Channel 58 and Fox-TV/Channel 6 that the torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) suffered by Green Bay Packers’ wide receiver Jordy Nelson is a season-ending, but not career-ending, injury. CBS 58 and Fox 6 Now

Channel 58 Conducts In-Depth Interview with Dr. Weigelt

Aug. 31 - CBS-TV/Channel 58 conducts an in-depth interview with Dr. John Weigelt (Surgery – Trauma & Critical Care; Associate Dean for Quality). Channel 58 notes that an international award for patient care excellence is named for Dr. Weigelt (the Weigelt-Wallace Award.) CBS-TV/Channel 58

MCW researchers call for evidence-based discussion on advantages and challenges of three-year medical school curriculum

Aug. 31 - Driven by mounting student debt and a projected physician shortage, interest in a three-year medical school curriculum has recently resurfaced. Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) are calling for an evidence-based discussion on the advantages and challenges of the three-year curriculum model.

Save the date for the 2015 Medical College of Wisconsin Hernia Symposium

Aug. 18 - The Department of Surgery will host the 5th annual Multidisciplinary Approach to Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction and Inguinal Hernia Symposium on Friday, Aug. 28, in the MCW Education Conference Room (M3077).

Woman Successfully Recovers from Double Lung Transplant Procedure

Aug. 13 - Fox TV/Channel 6 reports on a Waukesha-area woman who successfully recovered from a double lung transplant at Froedtert. Fox 6 Now

Infant Successfully Receives Living Donor Liver Transplant

Aug. 12 - ABC-TV/Channel 2 in Green Bay reports on 10-month old infant from Peshtigo who successfully underwent a living donor liver transplant at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Dr. Johnny Hong (Surgery – Transplant) said that without a transplant, the risk of dying was 100%. WBAY

Dr. Cronin Proposes Compensation Program for Kidney Donors

Aug. 11 - Expert comment by Dr. David C. Cronin II is included in a New York Times opinion editorial on the ethics of compensating kidney donors. Dr. Cronin, who directs the pediatric liver transplant program at Children’s, and a colleague at Yale University are proposing pilot tests of a program that would provide kidney donors with $50,000 in the form of tax credits, tuition vouchers, health insurance or other noncash compensation. New York Times

Transplanting hope: a miracle for baby Paityn

Aug. 10 - Last month, 10-month-old Paityn Walters of Peshtigo began to act tired, was throwing up and would cry while she was awake. Her mom, Tara Ellison, said it was out of character and troubling. “She was [normally] just very energetic. Never stood still. Always getting into everything she could,” she said. WBAY

Dr. Weigelt Performs Life-Saving Pigskin Graft on Burned Dog

Aug. 6 - Fox-TV/Channel 6 provides an update on a dog that was stolen in 2014 and set on fire. Dr. John Weigelt (Surgery – Trauma and Critical Care) performed pigskin skin grafts that saved the dog’s life. Fox 6 Now

Dr. Takahashi Explains Why Stomachs Grumble

July 29 - Dr. Toku Takahashi (Surgery – Colorectal) tells Time magazine that stomach grumbling is one phase of a larger process called migrating motor complex, which ensures that the stomach and intestines stay active and continue to clear away detritus between meals. Time

MCW alumna establishes scholarship fund to honor professor

Margaret Motl, MD '81, "pays it forward" by establishing a scholarship fund to honor Derward Lepley, Jr., MD '49, who led Wisconsin's first heart transplant surgery.

Dr. Oldham Discusses Joint Commission Evaluation of Patient Safety at Florida Hospital

July 1 - Dr. Keith Oldham provides comment to CNN on the announcement that the Joint Commission is evaluating patient safety at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Dr. Oldham is the Medical Director of the Children’s Verification Program of the American College of Surgeons. CNN has been investigating St. Mary’s for its high mortality rate for pediatric open heart surgeries. CNN

Dr. Gamblin Develops Blog to Support Cancer Patients and Their Families

June 9 - Fox-TV/Channel 6 reports on Dr. T. Clark Gamblin’s (Surgery – Surgical Oncology) development of “Together, We Are Strong,” a blog to support cancer patients and their families. Fox 6 Now

Dr. Cronin Co-Authors JAMA Editorial that Calls for Rewarding People for Organ Donations

June 8 - Dr. David C. Cronin II (Surgery – Transplant) co-authored an editorial in JAMA Internal Medicine that calls for testing methods of rewarding people for organ donations. Dr. Cronin suggests delayed payments such as in-kind rewards like a donation to a retirement fund, income tax credit or a tuition voucher. Fox News

Patient cancer blog launched

June 5 - Froedtert & MCW launched a new blog written by cancer patients for cancer patients. Fox 6 interviewed Dr. Clark Gamblin about the blog and the importance of cancer patients being able to relate to other patients who have shared similar experiences. WITI TV

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