Learn about MEG and Electromagnetic Brain Mapping

(1) Functional brain imaging: an introduction

Accessing brain activity non-invasively using neuroimaging techniques has been possible for about two decades and continues to thrive from the technical and methodological standpoints.


(2) MEG principles

The physiological sources of electromagnetic fields generated by neural cells, MEG and EEG instrumentation.


(3) Scenarios of typical MEG/EEG sessions

A successful MEG or EEG study is a combination of quality instrumentation, careful practical paradigm design, and well-understood preprocessing and analysis methods integrated in efficient software tools.


(4) Data preprocessing

The purpose of data pre-processing is to enhance the levels of signals of interest, while attenuating nuisances or even rejecting some episodes in the recordings that are tarnished by artifacts.


(5) Electromagnetic neural source imaging

MEG and EEG data can be processed to access time-resolved images of brain at work with unique temporal resolution.


Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin MEG Contact Information

Research investigators and clinical physicians are encouraged to contact us for further information on how to access our MEG Program and services.

  • Jeffrey Stout, PhD: Technical Manager
  • Jean Roccapalumba, CTRS, MBA: Program Manager

Mailing Address:

MEG Program
Department of Neurology
Medical College of Wisconsin
9200 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53226

MEG Program Site Map

If you are a physician and would like to inquire about or order a MEG study for your patients, please visit Froedtert Hospital MEG web pages for basic information about the procedure and/or contact Linda Allen, RN BSN, our Epilepsy Program Coordinator at (414) 805-3641 to refer your patient to our Program.

If you are a patient who is about to undergo an MEG procedure, please also visit Froedtert Hospital MEG web pages for useful information regarding the MEG routine.

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