MEG (Magnetoencephalography) Program

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MEG Program personnel

Medical Director

Manoj Raghavan, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurology
Chief, Comprehensive Adult Epilepsy Program


Technical Manager

Zhimin Li, PhD

Technical Manager of MEG program

Program Manager

Jean Roccapalumba, CTRS, MBA

Manager MEG Program, Sleep Disorders Program, and Neurophysiology

MEG Personnel


Linda Allen, RN, BSN

Epilepsy Program Coordinator


Dale Davis

END Tech; MEG Tech and Operator


Jennifer Jopek

Administrative assistant (Neurophysiology Lab)

Brenda Terranova

Neurophysiology Lab Coordinator, MEG Tech and Operator





Sylvain Baillet, PhD

Former scientific director of MEG program

Now with: McGill University


Elizabeth Bock

Software Engineer

Now with: McGill University


Sophie Chen

Masters Program Medical Signals & Imaging research internship (2009) Paris XII University

Now with: Institut des Sciences Cognitives de la Mediterranee


Julien Denis

Graduate Masters Student
Toulouse Medical School (France)


Chiran Doshi

Graduate Masters Student
Marquette University, Biomedical Engineering Department

Now with: Children's Hospital Boston


Sheraz Khan, PhD

PhD Graduate student, Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France)

Now with: A. Martinos Imaging Center, Harvard, MGH


Rey Ramirez, PhD

New-York University

Now with: University of Washington


Other Information


Dr Baillet's former PhD graduates:

  • Yohan Attal, 2007, Computer-aided decision making using MRI during the acute phase of stroke.
  • Sheraz Khan, 2006—09, (50% with Habib Ammari) Optical flow and Helmoltz-Hodge decomposition of the dynamics of cortical currents. (now post-doc at MGH/Harvard Medical School)
  • Guillaume Auzias, 2005—2009, Sulcal-based diffeomorphic coregistration of cortical surfaces. (now post-doc at University of la Méditerranée)
  • Florence Gombert, 2005—2009, Electromagnetic functional imaging of epilepsy (now research/development engineer in an imaging biomarker company)
  • Charlotte Rosso, 2005—2009, On the role of MRI in the evaluation of acute stroke. (now clinical Fellow at the La Salpetriere Hospital Stroke Center, Paris)
  • Benoit Cottereau, 2004—2008, Multiresolution electromagnetic brain imaging with an application to dynamic retinotopy. (now post-doc at Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute & Stanford University)
  • Julien Lefèvre, 2004–2007, Spatio-temporal sequencing of brain activity (now Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of la Méditerranée)
  • Nidiyare Hevia-Montiel, 2002–06, Anticipation of stroke outcome during the acute phase using diffusion-weighted MRI. (now research scientist at University of Mexico)
  • Karim Jerbi, 2001–05 (with Line Garnero) Long-distance cooperation between cerebral areas. (now INSERM post-doc in Lyon)
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