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MCW Outstanding Medical Student Teacher Award 


Teacher Recognition Pins Honor Outstanding Medical School Teachers

The College's Curriculum and Evaluation Committee (CEC) awarded Outstanding Medical School Teacher pins to 191 faculty members as well as a letter of commendation recognizing their excellence in teaching during the 2012-2013 academic year. Recipients were recommended by the M1, M2, M3, Sub-I, and Pathway directors to the CEC in recognition of their contribution to the advancement of medical student learning and the value they added to the Course, Clerkship, Pathway or Module. Awards were distributed to recipients by the course/clerkship/pathway/sub-internship director.

Eligible Nominees

  • MCW or volunteer faculty (e.g., community preceptors, bioethics/palliative medicine small group facilitators)
  • Residents, Fellows and Graduate Students
  • Active teachers in a required M1-4 course, clerkship, pathway, sub-internship OR integrated selectives/electives with high enrollments (at least 20 students in the 2013-14 academic year)
  • Top teachers cited in the post graduate survey
  • Note: Course coordinators or other individuals that may contribute to the administration of the course are not eligible for nomination.

The pins were funded through a grant from the College’s Learning Resource Fund and designed by Beth Krippendorf, PhD, Assistant Professor of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy with consultation and administration support from the Office of Curriculum.

2013-2014 Outstanding Medical Student Teacher Pin Awards

Nominations Due: 5:00 PM, Friday September 5, 2014

Nomination Criteria

Nomination Form (PC compatible)

Nomination Form (PC or Mac compatible)

Past Winners

The following following faculty members received Outstanding Teacher recognition pins for the 2012-2013 academic year:
* Denotes multiple nominations

M1 Courses

Bench to Bedside
Todd Gudausky, MD
Chamindra Konersman, MD *
Jeffrey Whittle, MD, MPH
Clinical Apprenticeship
John Burfeind, MD
Carlynn Crevier, MD
Gregory Downs, MD
Ian Gilson, MD
Sophie Kramer, MD
Susan Staudt, MD
Clinical Human Anatomy
Mark Harlow, MD
Gary Kolesari, MD/PhD
Beth Krippendorf, PhD
Mark Niedfeldt, MD
Danny Riley, PhD
Michael Schellpfeffer, MD
Foundations of Clinical Medicine
Martin Muntz, MD
Kurt Pfeifer, MD *
James Sebastian, MD
Infectious Agents and Host Immunity
Dara Frank, PhD
Stephen Gauld, PhD
William Jackson, PhD
Laura Knoll, PhD
Mark McNally, PhD
Scott Terhune, PhD
Medical Neuroscience
Chamindra Konersman, MD *
Cheryl Stucky, PhD
Margaret Wong-Riley, PhD
Molecules to Cells
Joseph Besharse, PhD
Eric Cohen, MD
Joshua Field, MD, MS
David Margolis, MD
Ravindra Misra, PhD
Jong-in Park, PhD
Marshall Dunning III, PhD
Hershel Raff, PhD
William Stekiel, PhD
Principles of Drug Action
Cecilia Hillard, PhD *
Charles Myers, PhD *


M2 Courses

Clinical Exam and Reasoning
Douglas Bower, MD
Adeeti Chiplunker, MD
Michael Lund, MD
Jesse Martin, MD
R. Corey O'Connor, MD
Kurt Pfeifer, MD *
David Poetker, MD
Carley Sauter, MD
Foundations of Clinical Psychiatry
Donald Feinsilver, MD
Amanda Gregas, PhD
Frederick Kier, PhD
Health Policy
Timothy Corden, MD
Stephen Hargarten, MD, MPH
Medical Ethics and Palliative Care
Howard Dubner, MD
Kellie Lang, JD, RN
Alexander Okun, MD
Estil Strawn, Jr., MD
Kaija Zusevics, PhD, MPH, CHES
Jenifer Coburn, PhD
Christopher Kristich, PhD
Richard Robinson, PhD
Vera Tarakanova, PhD
James Verbsky, MD, PhD
Jane Njeri Wainaina, MD
Alexandra Harrington, MD
John Auchampach, PhD
Alan Bloom, PhD
Kathryn Gauthier, PhD
Cecilia Hillard, PhD *
Charles Myers, PhD *
Sandra Pfister, PhD


M3 Clerkships

Family Medicine
Joshua Block, MD
Steven Bondow, MD
Krista Dyreson, MD
Patrick Ginn, MD
Janice Hill, MD
Jason Holinbeck, MD
Maria Mendoza-Lemes, MD
John Seidl, MD
Craig Young, MD
Internal Medicine
Wei An, MD
S. Paramjith Chawla, MD
Shibani Dogra, MD
Kory Koerner, MD
Natalie Mayer, DO
Vijay Nagarajan, MD
Neal Nygard, MD
Mark Obermyer, MD
Ana Perelman, MD
Diane Book, MD
Jennifer Connelly, MD
Jonathan Florczak, MD
Ayman Gheith, MD
Matthew Harmelink, MD
Mohamed Teleb, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Tamara Adducci, MD
Caitlin Haswell, MD
C'Zarina Helf, MD
Raven Koeppler, MD
Rebecca Lawrence, MD
James Linn, MD
Megan Mietelski, MD
A. David Penney, MD
Erica Chou, MD
Lisa Joerres, MD
Sara Lauck, MD
W. Craig Leach, DO
Louis Papp, DO
Timothy Schum, MD
David Bresnahan, MD
Travis Fisher, MD
Rebecca Krill, MD
George Lind, MD
Bradley Thiel, MD
Pamela Wolfe, MD
Resuscitation & Perioperative Medicine
Rose Campise-Luther, MD
Su-Ryong Hur, MD
Barbara Meinecke, MD
David Milia, MD
Matthew Pattyn, MD
Matthias Riess, MD, PhD
Tatyana Strong, MD
Jonathan Tlachac, MD
Juan Vega, MD
John Aiken, MD
G. Hossein Almassi, MD
Betsy Appel, MD
Hani Hasan, MD
Kevin Hudak, MD
Andrew Kastenmeier, MD
Dean Klinger, MD
Alysandra Lal, MD,MPH
Cheong Jun Lee, MD
Kiran Turaga, MD


M4 Courses / Sub-Internships

Ambulatory Medicine
Chitra Bhosekar, MD
Emily Fisher, MD
Samer Gawrieh, MD
Matthew Kolinski, DO
Brett Linzer, MD
M. Eugene Pruitt, MD
Kathleen Sawasky, MD
Bethany Smeltzer, MD
Thomas Stekiel, MD
Anesthesiology Sub-Internship
Julie Freed, MD
Family Medicine Sub-Internship
Gregory Brotzman, MD
Catherine Chu, MD
Beth Damitz, MD *
Camille Garrison, MD
Nicole Groeschl, MD
David Klehm, MD
Lé Santha Naidoo, DO
Isaac Pierre, MD
James Slawson, MD
Richard Terry, DO
Internal Medicine Sub-Internship
Tadeo Diaz Balderrama, MD
Kathlyn Fletcher, MD
Zubin Lathara, MD
Bipin Thapa, MD
Amalia Wegner, MD
Surgery Sub-Internship
Joseph Battista, MD
Munya Chimukangara, MD
Matthew Goldblatt, MD
Jasmeet Paul, MD
Allan Roza, MD
Craig Siverhus, MD
Thomas Wade, MD
Abby Wochinski, MD



Clinician Educator Pathway
Diane Brown, MS
Nancy Havas, MD *
Meaghan Hayes, BS
Ann Helms, MD
Caroline Pace, MD
Global Health Pathway
Christiana Attere
Al Castro, MSW
Kia Saeian, MD
Nicole St Clair, MD
Barbara Wilson, MD
Samantha Wilson, PhD
Master Clinician Pathway
Donald Hackbarth, MD
Nancy Havas, MD *
Lori Hollingsworth-Burds, PA-C, MPAS
Stephanie Ludtke, PA-C
Marjorie Spencer , BS, MBA
Matthew Tews, DO
Physician Scientist Pathway
Jonathan Bock, MD
Amy Drendel, DO, MS
Bryon Johnson, PhD
Nathan Thompson, MD
Jeannette Vasquez-Vivar, PhD
Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Pathway
Kelly Linn, MD
Paul Pejsa, MBA, MS, PE
Matthew Scanlon, MD
Martin Wakeham, MD
Urban and Community Pathway
Beth Damitz, MD *
Ileen Gilbert, MD
Sheri Johnson, PhD
Suzanne Letellier, MEd
David Nelson, PhD
Jenny Ovide, RN


Previous recipients by academic year:






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