Medical School

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The educational goal of the Medical College of Wisconsin is to enroll enthusiastic, dedicated and academically gifted students who participate in outstanding programs of education which meet their needs and which respond to the rapidly evolving demands and opportunities of medicine, science, ethics and public policy. In doing so, the Medical College recruits academically outstanding and culturally diverse students from Wisconsin and beyond. The College creates a rich and supportive environment in which all students can attain their educational goals.  

The College is committed to providing excellent medical education programs that produce skilled, compassionate and caring physicians
who are proficient in the science and art of medicine, dedicated to the ethical and social principles of the profession, and committed to a lifetime of continued learning. 

At the College, medical students are expected to master the body of
knowledge, skills and values that form the foundation for advanced post-graduate training in primary and specialty disciplines. A Medical College graduate is prepared to demonstrate problem-solving skills, knowledge of normal and abnormal states, the ability to acquire and utilize information in the clinical management of patients, and the empathic values and caring attitudes that are critical to the effective practice of medicine.
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