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Applicant Host



The Applicant Host Program is an alumni sponsored student group that meets with applicants at casual get-togethers on Thursday evenings prior to interviews on Friday. The event provides the applicant an opportunity to learn about life as a medical student, from medical students at the College. The get-togethers include a power point presentation, a Q & A panel, and of course snacks.

Current students also host some of the applicants for an overnight stay on Thursday night. Additionally, the Program makes available a shuttle service, at a minimal fee to the applicant, from the airport to the College on Thursday evening. There are a limited number of spaces for those wishing to stay with a current student or take the airport shuttle. These spaces are reserved on a first come first serve basis.

Specific information regarding the Applicant Host Program is forwarded with the invitation to interview. Arrangements to participate in any or all portions of the Program are made through the Office of Admissions when an applicant makes a reservation for their interviews.




"When I came to interview at the Medical College of Wisconsin, I had the privilege of staying with medical students through the Applicant Host Program. They were able to give me a student’s perspective of the school’s four-year curriculum and life in Milwaukee. This experience truly solidified my decision to attend MCW. I’m glad the program gave me the opportunity to connect with some of the current students because they have now become some of my close mentors."--Brittane Parker


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