Medical School

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Class of 2018 Orientation Materials


Required Technology

Laptop and Tablet Requirements (PDF)

Connecting your iPad to MCW WiFi (PDF)

AirWatch - iOS (Mac) setup (PDF)

AirWatch - Android Setup (PDF)

AirWatch - Windows Setup (PDF)

Audience Response Account Creation (PDF)

Using D2L (PDF)

How to Download an Exam (PDF)

Download SoftTest for Mac (PDF)

Download SoftTest for Windows (PDF)

Required and Recommended Apps (PDF)

5 Things You Need to Know About MDM (PDF)


Health Requirements

Health History Questionnaire (PDF)

Physical Examination (PDF)

Immunizations (PDF)

Hepatitis B Declination (PDF)

Work Clearance (PDF)

Authorization to Release Medical Records (PDF)

Animal Contact Health Questionnaire (PDF)


Financial Aid

Agenda (PDF)

First Day at Medical School (PDF)

Important Points to Remember (PDF)

Ten Habits (PDF)


Miscellaneous Files

Alcohol Brochure (PDF)

Student Handbook (PDF)

Background Check Instruction Packet (PDF)

Student Library Guide (PDF)

2014-2015 Academic Calendar (PDF)

Helpful Phone Numbers (PDF)


Student Locker Assignment (PDF)

Glossary of Terms (PDF)

Instructional Methods (PDF)

M-1 Equipment Sale (PDF)

Pathways Descriptions 2014 (PDF)

Week 1 Schedule (PDF)

"In Three Words..." (video)

PSSO Agenda (PDF)

2014 M1 Memo (PDF)

Student Org Lunch Schedule (PDF)

Library Welcome (PDF)


Old (2013)

Student Organization Handbook (PDF)

Student Organization Abbreviations (PDF)

Book Sale Flyer (PDF)

Student Health Information (PDF)

Student Mental Health Brochure (PDF)

Student Locker and Mailbox Assignment (PDF)

Diversity Orientation Picnic (PDF)

Student Affairs Staff Description (PDF)

Instructional Methods (PDF)

Student Organization Fair Layout (PDF)

10 Habits for Financial Aid (PDF)

First Day at Medical School (PDF)

Important Points (PDF)

Materials to Save (PDF)

Student's Library Guide (PDF)

Army Medical Poster (PDF)

Criminal Background Check Reminder (PDF)

Financial Aid Session Set-Up (PDF)

Student Organization Offices (PDF)

AMSA Equipment Sales(PDF)

Orientation Week Overview (PDF)

Tosa Night Out (PDF)

Public Safety Newsletter (PDF)

FMSA Book Sale Flyer (PDF)

Peer Support Flyer (PDF)

Student Tour Guide (PDF)

Financial Aid Agenda (PDF)

Global Competencies (PDF)
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