If your original diploma has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, a replacement diploma may be ordered from the Office of the Registrar. The graduate requesting the replacement diploma must submit an original, notarized statement explaining the circumstances for the request. The replacement diploma will be stamped “Duplicate Diploma”. If a replacement diploma is required due to the condition of the original diploma, the original must be surrendered to the Office of the Registrar prior to the replacement diploma being sent to the graduate.

There is a $100.00 fee for the replacement diploma. Please make your check payable to the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). Replacement diplomas will be sent by certified mail in approximately 6-8 weeks, depending on the time of the academic year. Please be sure to provide our office with your complete mailing address.

Many states require official copies of your diploma for licensing purposes. At the time of your graduation, you received the one and only copy of your diploma. We do not have copies on file. If you need a copy for licensing purposes, if will be necessary for you to make your own photocopy and have it notarized.

Please Note: Individuals who graduated from medical school prior to 1968 must contact Marquette University, Office of the Registrar at (414) 288-4000 or at Marquette University Registrar.


Page Updated 10/02/2017