Fourth-Year Scheduling

Information for M4 Scheduling can be found here in D2L:



The D2L link above includes the following information:

  • Timeline and Deadlines
  • Tips for Scheduling
    • Lottery List Construction Tips
      • Career Guides
    • M4 Scheduling Steps
      • Sample Spreadsheet
  • Equivalent Course List
  • Lottery Selections List Instructions
  • Taking Away/Unlisted Electives: Requirements and Approval Forms
    • VSAS Electives
    • NON-VSAS Electives
    • Research or Unlisted Electives @ MCW
    • Global Health Electives
  • AOA Application
    • Requirements
    • CV Dropbox

Access to this course is granted by the Office of the Registrar. It is provided to current M3s scheduling their M4 year. Questions or concerns can be directed to

Page Updated 02/22/2017