The Academic Standing policy for students enrolled in the MD program may be found in the MCW Medical Student Handbook (PDF). This policy has been developed to ensure that students who pursue the MD degree maintain an acceptable rate of academic progress toward the completion of that degree and meet the expected academic standards of the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Grading System

The Medical School’s grading system is as follows:

H      Honors

HP    High Pass

P      Pass

LP    Low Pass

F      Fail

AU   Audit (Academic Enrichment courses)

I      Incomplete

S     Satisfactory (Pass/Fail courses, 2016 forward)

U     Unsatisfactory (Pass/Fail courses, 2016 forward)

W     Withdrawn

Y      Year, assigned to a course that spans academic terms or years

Incomplete Grades
A grade of Incomplete can be used only when a student has not been able to complete course requirements for some acute and unexpected circumstances beyond the student's control.  Incomplete coursework must be completed as soon as possible but no later than August 1 following the academic year in which the incomplete grade was received.  If incomplete coursework is not completed by August 1, the incomplete grade will be converted to a grade of F or a grade of U pursuant to the course.

Fully Satisfactory Performance
Fully satisfactory performance means that the student earns a minimum grade of Pass in every course or clerkship.  A grade of Low Pass is not considered to be fully satisfactory performance.

Grade Point Average
The Medical College of Wisconsin-Medical School does not calculate a cumulative grade point average.

Page Updated 12/15/2017