The Academic Standards of Progress policy for students enrolled in the MD program can be found in the MCW Student Handbook (PDF).

This policy has been developed to ensure that students pursuing the MD degree maintain an acceptable rate of academic progress toward the completion of that degree and meet the expected academic standards of MCW.

Grading System

The Medical College of Wisconsin employs a five-point grading system, using designations of Honors, High Pass, Pass, Low Pass and Fail. MCW does not calculate a cumulative grade point average. The grade of Incomplete is used only when a student has not been able to complete the course requirements within the time allotted for the course, for some acute and unexpected circumstances beyond the student's control.

Fully Satisfactory Academic Performance

"Fully satisfactory academic performance" means that the student has earned a grade of at least Pass in any course or clerkship. A grade of Low Pass is not considered to be a fully satisfactory performance. Any grade less than Pass will be reviewed by the Academic Standing Committee.

Holding of Grades

Grades will be held from distribution for the following reasons:

First -Year Students Second-Year Students
  • Library fine
  • Computer course evaluations
  • Missing prerequisite course work documented by official transcripts from undergraduate institutions
  • Missing official transcripts with degree(s) posted
  • Pre-matriculation immunization requirements must be complete and documented
  • Library fine
  • Computer course evaluations
Third-Year Students Fourth-Year Students
  • Library fines
  • Computer Course Evaluations
  • Library fine
  • Clinical critiques
  • Graduation Questionnaire
  • Yearbook payment
  • Exit interviews
  • Repayment of emergency loans


Page Updated 03/24/2016