Academic Support Services

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  Medical Student Learning Specialist

Students are provided with learning style assessments, workshops, learning strategies, studying and testing resources, as well as referrals. Students are supported in identifying and resolving academic issues, personal concerns, and issues that may be affecting academic performance.

   Tutorial Program

An outstanding tutoring program in the basic science years is provided to assist you with review of material and application of information. Tutors are M2, M3, and M4 MCW medical students who work closely with the Course Directors and faculty members to provide accurate and relevant information. Online group sessions are delivered in two formats, a comprehensive lecture review and a Q&A review. These group sessions are held on a weekly basis throughout the school year. In addition to tutoring for the basic science years, Academic Support Services offers online group sessions led by M4 MCW tutors as comprehensive reviews of the M3 core rotations and shelf exams.

  USMLE Board Preparation

To help you prepare for Step 1 of the USMLE, Academic Support Services organizes and supports the Step 1 Preparation Program throughout the M2 year. The Step 1 Preparation Program invites M2s to participate in small groups with two to four leading M3 mentors. In these groups, students complete readings, answer board review style questions, and share knowledge under the guidance of M3 mentors each month. The Step 1 Preparation Program also hosts six large group lectures that target hot topics and areas of the Step 1 exam, including how to integrate Step 1 material with your M2 coursework, study strategies and test day preparation, reviews of biochemistry, physiology, and more. In addition to small group sessions and lectures, the Step 1 Preparation Program hosts Kaplan’s 8-hour Step 1 practice exam to simulate the day-of experience and provide students with a baseline that depicts strengths and weaknesses to assist in their designated study planning and structure.

  Clinical Advisor Program:

The program guides and supports you through the selection process of a well-rounded Clinical Advisor. Advisors assist with curriculum selection, review of CVs and personal statements, assistance in networking, and writing letters of recommendation. You are encouraged to connect with many faculty members to seek advice and guidance, but you are required to have an ‘official’ clinical advisor.

Academic Support Services

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