Jury Duty Excuse Request

If you have received a jury duty summons and will be unable to fulfill that duty due to your academic and/or clinical schedule, please drop off your jury duty summons letter at the Office of Student Affairs, or scan the summons (all pages, both sides) and email it to The Office of Student Affairs will contact the applicable jury duty management office to request your jury duty be postponed until after you graduate. Complete the Jury Duty Excuse Request Form.

Letter of Recommendation Request

Need a letter of recommendation from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for a scholarship, research program, etc.? Please send your request NO LATER than two weeks before the deadline.

Internal Review Board (IRB) Approval Letter

If you wish to request an IRB approval letter from the Dean of Student Affairs, please provide the information on the Internal Review Board Request form and submit.

Page Updated 01/23/2018