Medical School

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Philip Redlich, MD, PHD                                  Jose Franco, MD

Associate Dean of Curriculum                                   Professor, Discovery Curriculum Director


Denise Denzin                                                 Jenny Bultman

Office of Curriculum                                                Project Manager, Discovery Curriculum

414-955-8880                                                        414-955-8193                                           

Additional Staff

Barb Beiswenger                                             Courtney Bell

Administrative Assistant, Curriculum                         Medical Education Coordinator

414-955-8604                                                         414-955-8232                                  

Diane Brown, MS                                             Hilary Chavez

Program Manager                                                    Pathway Program Coordinator

414-955-4331                                                         414-955-2811                                         

Meaghan Hayes                                               Sue Korek, MAED

Pathway Program Coordinator                                  Medical Education Specialist

414-955-2812                                                         414-955-8655                                       

Jen Kraus                                                        Theresa Krausert

Pathway Program Associate                                     Medical Education Coordinator

414-955-2286                                                        414-955-4194                                        

Kris Scheel                                                      Stephanie Shaw

Medical Education Coordinator                                 Medical Education Coordinator

414-955-8684                                                        414-955-8207                                        

Kurt Stefan, MBA                                            Heather Walker

Medical Education Coordinator                                 Administrative Assistant, Discovery

414-955-2813                                                        414-955-4124                                        

Diane Wilke-Zemanovic, MS

Medical Education Specialist


Faculty and staff supporting the curriculum including Pathways, Early Clinical and M2 Unit coordinators are located in the Academic Affairs Suite on the 3rd floor of the Medical Education Building (MEB - M3125). Enter at the Education Welcome Center.
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