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    M4 Discovery Curriculum Course Descriptions

    Continuous Professional Development

    The CPD course is the continuation of the early clinical coursework to ensure students continued competency progression in the clinical setting.  This course assigns one clinical faculty director to a cohort of students.  The CPD director monitors and measures student performance and competencies based on their cumulative performance in the required components.  Students work one-on-one with their CPD director to manage an Individualized Learning Plan.

    Acting Internships

    The acting internship, regardless of which department/division offers it, is designed to preview the responsibilities of an intern. Each student is required to complete a four-week medicine acting internship and a second four-week acting internship chosen from the list of approved rotations.  All of the goals and key features will be accomplished with the appropriate supervision by senior residents and attending physicians. 

    Outpatient Clerkship

    Future four-week rotation to be offered in an outpatient setting.  Will be introduced in academic year 2015-2016.

    Neurology – M3 or M4 Clerkship

    The Neurology clerkship is a four-week rotation that will teach the principles and skills required to recognize and manage neurological diseases most likely to be seen in a general medical practice.


    The two-week Capstone course provides our graduating students a broad exposure to practical clinical issues commonly faced by residents early in their residency.   Specialty-specific workshops and additional training as required by residency programs are provided.

    Electives – M3 & M4

    The Medical College of Wisconsin offers more than 200 electives in 20 different departments. Students may select from any specialty or subspecialty ranging from advanced gross anatomy to neurosurgery along with multiple research electives and away rotations.  Over the third and fourth year students take 22 weeks of electives.  Depending on student preferences and scheduling, year three is 2-10 weeks of electives and year four is 12-20 weeks of electives