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    Guidelines for all Proposals

    We are hoping that departments will be interested in submitting proposals for selectives, electives or medical or surgical active internships. In keeping with the procedures, we are asking you to submit the following:

    1. The name of the director/directors who are MCW faculty members and will be responsible for the curriculum and the timely evaluation of the student.
    2. Written (measurable) objectives, clearly delineated and consistent with the skills and abilities of the level of medical students. 
    3. A 1-2 page explanatory proposal which outlines:
    • The need for and/or importance of the proposed course
    • A description of the faculty and resources available for teaching (including sources of support)
    • Evidence of commitment of the involved department(s)
    • The rationale for objectives, methods, feedback to students, and evaluation strategies
    1. Letters of support from the involved departments if applicable.
    2. Completion of the course template form and after completion submit electronically to (This form is used by the registrar’s office for the course catalog and will be updated annually as long as you continue to offer a course however; this form to update will come from the registrar’s office at the appropriate time).

    Please submit all documents via email to: 

    Denise Denzin

    Office of Curriculum