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Central Wisconsin Bench to Bedside Sign-up Form

Thank you for your interest in the Bench-to-Bedside program in the Discovery Curriculum at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Central Wisconsin. Please complete this form to add your name to our database for future student assignments. Any questions about the program, contact Lisa Dodson, Dean,, (715) 870-0919.

Physician Information

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Contact Information

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You may sign up for whichever sessions are of interest to you, but please be aware that completing this form only provides us with you availability and interest, it does not guarantee a particular date or topic.

The dates for each session are TBD but will take place one afternoon per week beginning in January and running through May. Check which sessions you would be interested in. Check all that apply.

Cranial nerve exam (clinical skills workshop)

Clinical reasoning exercise (neuro-focused)

Sensory exam (clinical skills workshop)

ENT exam (clinical skills workshop)

Clinical reasoning exercise (ENT/neuro-focused)

Motor exam (clinical skills workshop)

Cerebellar/gait exam (clinical skills workshop)

Clinical reasoning exercise

Cognitive exam/practice of complete neuro exam

Let us know if you have any questions.  


Page Updated 02/25/2016