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  NEW: Constructing Written Test Questions for the Basic and Clinical Sciences

MCW's secure exam platform that enables to more efficient exam creation, delivery, analyzation, and management.

What is ExamSoft?graph

ExamSoft – an electronic exam testing suite. It
comes in three modules:

  1. SofTeach – Allows Course Directors and Coordinators to build and store exam questions.
  2. SofTest – Students use to take the exam.
  3. SoftScore – Educational Services use to complete exam scoring.

What Can ExamSoft Do?

  • Scrambles exam questions and/or answers
  • Blocks students from accessing other programs while taking their exam
  • Provides instant  exam results
  • Identifies at-risk students and individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Generates custom reports  for faculty
  • Replicates USMLE format 

ExamSoft Status Update:

  • ExamSoft is replacing the ANGEL assessment function.
  • ExamSoft is scheduled to roll out in the 2013-2014 academic year.


  • PDFs:
  1. Introducing ExamSoft
  • Videos:
  1. SofTeach
  2. SofTest
  3. SoftScore

Need Help? Contact Diane Wilke-Zemanovic, Sue Korek, or Diane Brown at


   MCQ Tutorial from NBME

An introductory tutorial website from the National Board of Medical Examiners

   Multiple Choice Questions

How to use Application Questions on multiple-choice exams to assess an examinee's ability to use "recalled" knowledge.

   Test Item Writing

Tips on writing questions for tests.

   Writing Single-Best Answer MCQs

Tips on writing a question stem, lead-in, response option and plausible distractors.

  Item Writing Workshop (Kaplan)

Two hour session from 2/16/2015 by Dr. Alice Akunyili; she is the Associate Director of Clinical Academics at Kaplan Medical.

Presentation by Dr. Alice Akunyili

Two hour session from 2/16/2015 by Dr. Alice Akunyili; she is the Associate Director of Clinical Academics at Kaplan Medical. In this role, she leads the efforts to create a clinically relevant and integrated medical curriculum. She has worked with several Medical schools to evaluate their clinical skills curriculum and provide recommendations. She is also on the Kaplan faculty roster for Biostatistics and Epidemiology, and the co-creator of a remedial basic science course for Medical students. During her tenure with Kaplan Medical she has helped thousands of doctors pass the USMLE and successfully navigate the process of medical licensing in United States with her test taking strategy classes and road to residency seminars. Dr. Akunyili is passionate about educating faculty and students about the relevance of clinical problem solving to board exams.


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