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Graduate Student Information

The majority of students enrolled in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences as a degree candidate have scholarships and stipends available to them that are awarded by the individual degree-granting programs or by the Graduate School. Based on the student expense budget, graduate students receiving the scholarship and stipend are not typically eligible for other types of financial aid.

Graduate students enrolled as a degree seeking students in a Master of Science, Master of Arts or Master of Public Health programs on at least a half time basis are eligible to apply for financial assistance which includes the Federal Student Loan Programs. Non degree seeking students or students enrolled in Certificate programs are not eligible for federal financial aid. Application materials must be completed on a yearly basis. Please refer to the application materials. You can use estimated information when filling out your forms. Financial aid applications are evaluated on the basis of income, assets, family size and other relevant information for the student/spouse. To be eligible for any financial assistance you must be a U.S. Citizen or an eligible non-citizen.


Student Expense Budget Categories

Graduate Students
16 Week semester(e)
8 months
September 2-May 8

Graduate Students
18 week semester(e)
9 months
August 18-May 8

Graduate Student Summer
2 months (g)
June 1-July 31

Rent/Utilities (a)




Food/Household (b)




Transportation by Car (c)








Medical/Dental costs (d)




Books, Equipment & Supplies




Tuition (f)




Student Fee (mandatory)




Yearly Total





a) Assumes double occupancy. No allowance if living with parents. Renters insurance allowed.
b) Lower figure for student living with parents.
c) Includes gas, oil, maintenance, and insurance.
d) Does not include purchase of health insurance policy.
e) Coursework that runs less than 16 or 18 weeks will have a prorated budget.
f) Tuition is $765/credit. Amount listed above assumes 9 credits for fall term and 9 credit for spring term. For summer 6 credits is reflected here.
g) Coursework in the Clinical and Translational Sciences or Healthcare Technologies Management may have a longer summer budgets if taking courses that begin 5/18/2015.
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