Primary Application (AMCAS)

The primary application to the Medical College of Wisconsin should be filed via the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS)

Secondary Application

Secondary applications are by invitation. If you received an email with login credentials, please complete the application.


These forms are not required of all applicants. Please review the requirements of each form, and complete the form(s) that pertain to you. All forms are in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Reader to view and print the forms.

  • Dean’s Certification: This form is required if you have indicated on the AMCAS application or on our Secondary Application that an institutional action has been taken against you. It is also required if you have previously matriculated at a medical school regardless of the reason for departure. Provide this form with your explanation to the appropriate office at the institution for verification. It will then be sent directly to us by your institution. If applicable to you, this form is required to complete the application.
  • Wisconsin Residency Form: If you are considered a Wisconsin resident for tuition purposes, complete and send this form to the Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB) in Madison, WI. This form must be approved prior to matriculation in order to qualify for the Wisconsin Medical Student Tuition Assistance program, but it is not required in order to complete your secondary application.
  • Technical Standards: The Technical Standards for Admission, Retention, Promotion and Graduation consist of the minimum physical, cognitive and emotional requirements to provide reasonable assurance that candidates or students can complete the entire course of study and participate fully in all aspects of medical training. All incoming medical students will need to sign a form certifying that they have read, understand, and can meet each of the Technical Standards by the deadline date provided in their acceptance letter. Current students will need to review and sign the Technical Standards annually.
  • Credit Report: All admitted and waitlisted applicants are required to submit a copy of their credit report to be approved by the Financial Aid Office by the deadline date provided in their acceptance or waitlist letter. Credit reports can be requested on the Annual Credit Report website. If an applicant has no credit history, this form is required. Additional documentation may be required by the Financial Aid Office on a case-by-case basis.
  • Certification of Finances: If you are not a US Citizen, you must submit the Certification of Finances form and documentation to the Financial Aid Office. You are encouraged to complete and submit this documentation early after being admitted or placed on the waitlist; this is not required to complete your application but needs to be submitted and approved well in advance of matriculation.

International applicants who have been accepted to the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) are not required to provide a Certification of Finances form since the MSTP program provides students with the full support during the duration of the program. If, for any reason, the international student leaves the MSTP program, the student would then be required to provide a Certification of Finances (amount to be determined). If this documentation is not approved, the student will then be withdrawn from MCW.


Interviewing Information

MCW-Green Bay interviews will be conducted on Thursdays and Fridays, beginning in November and offered only on a pre-arranged schedule of dates.  All invitations will be sent via email and reservations will be booked online. Interviews are only conducted in-person and are not offered via phone or Skype.  For additional information about the Green Bay area and lodging please visit Green Bay Resources.

Sample Interview Schedule
  • Check-In and Welcome
  • Panel Interview with Regional Applicant Advisory Committee and Admissions Committee
  • Campus Information and Curriculum presentation
  • Financial Aid Presentation
  • Tour of MCW-Green Bay and St. Norbert College
  • Meet current MCW-Green Bay students
  • Closing Remarks


Page Updated 05/02/2018