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A Semester of Bugs, Drugs, and Brains…

A Semester of Bugs, Drugs, and Brains…

Hi Pioneer Press Readers! My name is Christy Prill and I’m one of the 25 now M2s of MCW-Green Bay. I was born and raised in Milwaukee and went to undergrad at UW-Madison (U-rah-rah!) majoring in Biology and Spanish.


Working to improve with Brandon Stradel

I grew up in Denmark, WI and then studied at UW-Eau Claire (voted Wisconsin’s most beautiful fall campus). Being a Denmark, WI native, I’m never far from home.

In Phil's Circle

My name is Phil Kostka, one of your nifty MCW Green Bay students. As the end of the year is coming, finals are on the way and soon we will be starting our clinical rotations! With all that happening, you would think there would be little time for travel or any type of fun what so ever! Well I am here to tell that is WRONG!

Ain’t Nothing but a GB Thing with Alex Sliwicki

Ain’t Nothing but a GB Thing with Alex Sliwicki

For those faithful followers of the Pioneer Press, I am sure you have gathered that Medical School is mostly just a lot of studying, test-taking, and blog-writing. Well, fortunately I have the opportunity to share with you the brighter side of Medical School. Welcome to the Pioneer Press, Spring Break 2k16 Edition!

"Feel the Berns" with Ryan in MCW GB

"Feel the Berns" with Ryan in MCW GB

I grew up in Oak Creek, WI (near Milwaukee) and then studied at UW-Madison where I completed my undergraduate Biology and Master of Public Health degrees. Honestly, I thought I was going to be in Madison for all of my foreseeable future, but fate has a funny way of letting you know that it is time to move on to bigger and better things – for me the bigger and better thing was MCW-GB.

“Juggling Lemons” by Joanna Bruce

“Juggling Lemons” by Joanna Bruce

Hi all! I’m Joanna Bruce. I was born and raised in Brookfield, WI, and got my BS in Spanish from UW-Madison (U-rah-rah!). We have just started the second week of the second block of the second semester of our first year of medical school. As I try to process what that actually means, all I can think of is juggling.

Rollin' with Dolan

Wow – hard to believe the 4th block of our M1 year has already come and gone! Only two more to go – not that I’m counting…

Inspired to Make a Difference Every Day

Hello! My name is Pang Vang, originally from Manitowoc, WI. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a BA in Psychology and minor in Gender and Women Studies. As you can see from my picture, I have a one-year-old daughter who keeps me grounded and inspires me every day to make a difference in the world.

Hitting the Ground Running

Hi! Kirsta Hoffman here, Appleton native, but a Minnesota Gopher by heart (sorry, Badger fans!). We just returned from a two-week break where many of us slept, celebrated the holidays, and even had the opportunity to hang out as a group in the Wausau area! After such a relaxing break, I figured the new year would have a slow start, but instead we have hit the ground at an all-out run, getting right back to where we were last semester.

December Blog

The Green Bay Bunch - Year in Review

Here's a post-thanksgiving, pre-Christmas, mid-block, MCW Green Bay update. Storm Dorrough here, long time resident of Bloomer Wisconsin, short term resident of Green Bay.

The Hunger Games: Block 2 Edition

Hi! My name is Julia Shariff and I’m from Green Bay, WI. I went to undergrad at UW-Green Bay and graduated in May 2015. As a Green Bay native, I absolutely love that MCW created the regional campus system here. I am so lucky to have a medical college right in my backyard!

Post-exams update - An introduction from Ghulam

Hello! My name is Ghulam Mujtaba. I’m from Springfield, Illinois, the home of Abraham Lincoln (and cornfields). I was drawn to medicine because of the unique and rewarding opportunity it affords its practitioners to help people with the most important aspect of their lives: their health.

Getting to Know Green Bay…and Wisconsin

Hey everyone! My name is Allison Meyer and I am one of people of our class that did not grow up in Wisconsin. My hometown is Huntington, IN and I went to Valparaiso University for my undergrad. So how did an Indiana girl end up in Wisconsin?

Attitude of Gratitude - for Alumni!

Attitude of Gratitude - for Alumni!

As a staff member supporting the launch of MCW-Green Bay and MCW-Central Wisconsin, I am honored by the invitation to write a guest article this week for the student blog...

"In the Groove" with Metropulos

"In the Groove" with Metropulos

Jared Metropulos here. Hometown: Cameron, WI. Undergraduate: UW-Eau Claire. I read the announcement of the new Green Bay campus years ago, and knew MCW-Green Bay was where I wanted to study medicine. I’m happy to be in a smaller city with a close-knit class and faculty while attending an excellent school.

Musings and an Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s been a good weekend of studying. I’m currently watching the Packers vs. the 49ers, just got done taking a look at gluconeogenesis pathways. They’re equally riveting! (Ok, maybe I like football a tiny bit more than enzyme kinematics…)

Touching Down in Green Bay!

Welcome to the first edition of the Pioneer Press, the blog of the inaugural class of the brand new Green Bay campus of the Medical College of Wisconsin! We’re here on the beautiful campus of St. Norbert College in De Pere, overlooking the Fox River.

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