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Lois Connolly, MD

Lois Connolly, MD

Vice Chair: Advanced Practice Professionals
Medical Director

Teaching Philosophy
My teaching philosophy is to guide by providing access to information. The student/resident will search for knowledge as they learn. Students need the opportunity to discover for themselves and practice skills in authentic situations. Additionally, I believe in integrative learning to solidify the knowledge obtained. Problem Based Learning Discussions is active learning led by the students. This method challenges the student to incorporate knowledge gained with integrative subjects as well as encourages discussion and interactive teaching to their peers.

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  Education and Training

Doctor of Medicine Degree – Medical College of Wisconsin
Residency, Anesthesiology – Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals
Certificate in Medical Management – Carnegie Mellon University


American Board of Anesthesiologists

  Clinical and Research

Clinical Specialties


Liver transplant




Refereed Journal Publications / Original Papers:


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Book Chapters & Reviews:


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