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My MCW Story: Stephanie Shaw

SHE loves contributing to medical student and resident education

Stephanie Shaw loves contributing to medical student and resident education. For the past 16 years, she has held various roles at MCW that enabled her to make education more fulfilling for our students, and enjoyed it so much that some of the excitement rubbed off on her; this single mother of two was motivated to further her schooling and obtain a bachelor of science degree in business administration and a Master’s of Science degree in management.

“It has been such an uplifting experience to know that I contributed to making resident and medical student education successful,” Stephanie said. “I have used the skills and knowledge I gained in class to manage the M1 and M2 Clinical Apprenticeship Course and M3 Family Medicine Clerkship in a way that is fulfilling to students and the course directors. “

Stephanie’s current role is as Family and Community Medicine’s education coordinator for these two classes and clerkship; one of her primary responsibilities is recruitment and retention of preceptors from throughout the community.  Each semester, more than 210 preceptors are needed to provide the medical students with early clinical experiences. Each student is assigned to a clinic each week for a half-day, and works with the preceptor to develop specific core skills. Since it launched four years ago, the course has been the highest-ranked in the curriculum.

“Medical students are in school to become doctors, and this course allows them to add value to patient care and obtain experience in patient care tasks,” Stephanie said. “It feels great to play a small part in making that possible. Working at MCW has allowed me to build relationships that will be endless and rewarding throughout my life and career. ”

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Giving to MCW


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