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So you want to be a doctor?

Join Pre-Med Pair Up and learn how to navigate your undergraduate career as a pre-medical student and prepare for a future in medicine by partnering with medical students across the country.

Program Summary
  • Who: Pre-medical students and current medical students.
  • What: A big sib / little sib program that connects pre-medical students with medical students in a professional, one-on-one relationship to promote networking and teamwork.
  • Where: In person, phone, or email (This is determined by individual partner groups).
  • When: September through May. Approximately two hours per month.
  • Why: Mentorship is a huge part of being in the medical field. It’s helpful and fun!
  • Plus: Think beyond medical school applications, expand your horizon, and invest in the future by learning more about global health topics!

If you are interested in being a mentor or mentee, please fill out and submit the following application.
We typically pair up pre-medical students with a medical student mentor each year in the fall.



Phone Number:

Are you a pre-med or an accepted/current medical student?
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This section is for students who are accepted to or are currently in medical school (mentors):


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Medical College:

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Anticipated Graduation Date (from medical school):

Please Indicate Degree:

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Additional Program (ex: PhD, MS, JD, military, rural program):


This section is for pre-medical students (mentees):


Undergraduate Institution: 

Major and Minor: 

Anticipated Graduation Date (from undergraduate):

Interest in MD, DO or both:

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Interest in Additional Program (ex: PhD, MS, JD, military, rural program):

Why do you want to be a part of this program?

What questions do you have for your future medical student mentor?

What resources would be of interest to you? (please check all that apply)

 Q&A document highlighting frequently asked questions
 Local volunteer opportunities and contacts
 Timeline of events summarizing what to accomplish during the MCAT/application process
 MCAT tips and tricks
 Information about application format
 Application process timeline
 Personal statement writing tips
 Interview tips and tricks


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