Decline Survey

Medical College of Wisconsin Survey

What type of school are you attending?  Private Public

Please check below the most important reasons for declining acceptance to the Medical College of Wisconsin:


Cost/Tuition Campus Atmosphere Gender Make-up of Class
Availability of Scholarship Too Far from Home Ethnic Make-up of Faculty
Student Support Services Too Close to Home Ethnic Make-up of Class
Unpleasant Interview Class Size Timing of Offer for Admission
Reputation:  Clinical Teaching Safety  
Reputation:  Faculty Curriculum  
Reputation:  Research Gender Make-up of Faculty  

Of the items checked above, what is the single most important reason: 

What is your gender:  Female Male

What is your race/ethnicity:  (check all that apply)

American Indian or Alaska Native  Asian  Black or African-American  Mexican  Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander  Puerto Rican  White  Other

Are you a Wisconsin resident:  Resident Non-Resident

Overall, how would you compare the Medical College of Wisconsin to the other medical school to which you applied:

Substantially Above Average Above Average Average Below Average Substantially Below Average 

Page Updated 07/28/2017