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Registration Process

Student registration at the Medical College of Wisconsin takes place once annually, at the beginning of each academic year. This occurs on a different day for each class and is dictated by the academic calendar. Each student must register in person as an original signature must be on file in order for the student to be considered officially enrolled. A $250 late fee is added to a student's tuition bill if the student is more than 15 minutes late for registration.


First-year student registration is held the first day of orientation week. Orientation for first-year students is usually the second week of August. If a first-year student does not appear for registration, their seat in the class is forfeited to the next applicant on the alternate list.


Registration for second-year students is held in August, usually the third Monday of the month.


Third-year student registration takes place in early May, prior to the end of the student's second year of school. This is done because students will be assigned to different tracks for the third-year curriculum and may not be required to start their clinical rotations in July.


Registration for fourth-year students takes place near the end of June, prior to the completion of the student's third-year curriculum. This procedure accommodates students who may be leaving the city to do fourth-year rotations out-of-state or who are on vacation in July.
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