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Doctor of Medicine Transcripts

A transcript is the formal documentation of enrollment and academic coursework. This official document bears a raised school seal, the date of issue and the signature of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar is happy to assist doctor of medicine alumni who are moving through training or from state to state and require documentation of their enrollment at MCW. As dictated by Federal Law, information about academic records can be released only upon written consent of the student/graduate. Therefore, it is necessary for you to submit a signed (original signature), written request to this office, plus a $5.00 transcript fee payable with personal check or money order and must be included with your request. The Office of the Registrar does not accept credit cards nor do we bill for transcripts. There is no charge for a dean's letter. "Faxed" requests cannot be accepted.

Please include in your request the following: your name at time of enrollment/graduation, graduation date, and social security number, as well as your current mailing address and phone number.

Please Note: For graduates prior to 1970, it is necessary to contact Marquette University, Office of the Registrar, P.O. Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201.

Transcripts are sent directly to the program director, hospital staff office, credentialing agency, licensing board, educational institution, etc. An "official" transcript cannot be sent to the graduate. You may request an "unofficial" transcript for $1.00. It will be stamped "unofficial" and will not bear the school seal or signature of the Registrar.

Requests are processed within 2-4 days of receipt. Students/alumnus needing 24-hour turn around should submit $7.00 for the transcript and $25.00 for overnight courier service.

Due to the confidential nature of this information, we do not "Fax" these items.
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