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Before you start looking

Before you start looking, there are several sources of information to investigate before you hit the road.

  • The largest listing of vacancies appears in the Sunday morning edition of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. You may contact them online at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel OnLine.
  • Craig's List is another popular source, It can be easily searched for by price or by number of bedrooms or by just putting in MCW or Medical College of Wisconsin.  It can be accessed at
  • is a wonderful free resource.  The website pulls from over 100 different listing sources.
  • There is a Housing Listings Binder which contains listings of available apartments and listings of medical students looking for roommates. This book is located in the Office of Student Affairs (third floor) during working hours and at the Security Desk (first floor) on week-ends from June-Mid August. Be aware that sometimes it is difficult and therefore frustrating to reach the landlord or person advertising the residence. MANY phone calls may be necessary.
  • Many grocery and convenience stores carry neighborhood newspapers that may have local rental listings. Most of them also carry Start Renting magazine which also lists local apartments. This magazine, which contains a general map of the area  is also available on the Internet:
  • MCW has bulletin boards (located in the cafeteria) which list vacant apartments, homes for sale or students looking for roommates.
  • Students may also access the housing site utilized by incoming residents at
  • Some apartments are advertised only by a FOR RENT sign in the window or in front of the building. Spend some time driving or walking through an area in which you are interested in living and look for vacancy signs.
  • You may wish to contact a rental agency, but only if you are unable to locate an apartment through the sources listed above. The majority of agencies charge a non-refundable fee ranging from $35-$50. Before visiting agencies, call and request information regarding specific services provided and fees. Your local library should have a Milwaukee Yellow Pages in the reference section if you are interested in an agency or you can check the yellow pages on-line.
  • Students interested in buying a home may want to visit realtor home pages such as

2014 Housing Contacts




E-mail Address

Jacob Ristow

West Allis
Spencer Greaves Milwaukee
Anupriya Dayal Milwaukee/Wauwatosa
Mohit Patel Wilshire Manor Apartments
Jay Luthar

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