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A roommate can provide companionship and a study partner as well as a way to help reduce expenses. MCW keeps a roommate registry from June 1 through the month of August for incoming freshmen students. Included in this publication is a Roommate Questionnaire. Please fill out the form completely and mail or fax it back to our office at 414-955-0120. Upon receipt you will receive access to the scanned Questionnaire on Desire2Learn (D2L).  In addition, this form will be kept in the Housing Listing Binder. On the questionnaire, there is a section explaining the Roommate List (RL). This list generally contains first year medical students looking for roommates. It may also list the names of incoming graduate students. We do not select, match or contact the participants on the RL. You must make all contacts and arrangements yourself. Remember to not only consider personalities and lifestyles but also the legal and financial obligations of joint tenancy. Each co-tenant is by law liable for all money owed to the landlord. For example, if your roommate does not pay his/her share of the rent or damages the apartment, you too are responsible.
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