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Office of Student Affairs/Diversity 

The Medical College of Wisconsin recognizes the importance of allowing its’ medical students the opportunity to exchange ideas with others who have talents, backgrounds, viewpoints, experiences and interests different from their own.

Vision Statement:

To provide the support and enrichment for every student to become competent physicians delivering culturally compassionate and competent patient-centered care.

Mission Statement:

The Office of Student Affairs/Diversity is committed to supporting diversity of all types in medical education as well as recruiting and supporting students and residents who are Under-Represented in Medicine (URM).

Students who demonstrate experiences in one or more of the following categories will be deemed to contribute to the diversity of MCW student body:

  • Growing up in poverty or in a disadvantaged socioeconomic status

  • Being the first person from one's family to attend college or graduate school

  • Overcoming educational disadvantage (graduating from a high school with little resources or with a high dropout rate)

  • Having a primary language other than English

  • Living in a rural area

  • Overcoming a significant handicap

The Course of Their Lives

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel follows six M1 students through anatomy class, from the first day of lecture to the memorial service honoring the donors who provided this critical part of their medical education at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

To learn more about our office, please take a moment to review our brochure.
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