Amin BemanianAmin Bemanian

Research Interests

Quantifying racial residential segregation and exploring its relationship to racial and spatial disparities in cancer
Research Advisor: Kirsten M. M. Beyer, PhD, Program in Public and Community Health


BS, 2013, Washington University, St Louis
Major: Biomedical Engineering

Research Experience

MCW, 2015-2016
Dr. Christine Schindler
Project: Analysis of case series of pediatric skin failure patients with goal of understanding how skin failure is related to multi-organ dysfunction syndrome compared to standard pressure ulcers.

Washington University, 2010-2013
Advisor: Dr. Michael Brent
Project: Computational model of transcriptional regulation in yeast metabolism


Beyer, K. M. M., Zhou, Y., Matthews, K., Bemanian, A., Laud, P. W., & Nattinger, A. B. (2016). New spatially continuous indices of redlining and racial bias in mortgage lending: links to survival after breast cancer diagnosis and implications for health disparities research. Health & Place, 40, 34–43.

Beyer, K. M. M., Zhou, Y., Matthews, K., Hoormann, K., Bemanian, A., Laud, P. W., & Nattinger, A. B. (2016). Breast and Colorectal Cancer Survival Disparities in Southeastern Wisconsin. Wisconsin Medical Journal, 115(1), 17–22.

Meeting Abstracts

Bemanian, A., Beyer, K. M. M., & Zhou, Y. (2016). Breast Cancer Survival and Residential Segregation by Race and Ethnicity in Milwaukee. In MCW Cancer Center Research Retreat.

Bemanian, A., Beyer, K.M.M. (2015). Quantification of segregation in southeastern Wisconsin as a marker for economic disadvantage. In 143rd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition.

Beyer, K. M. M., Zhou, Y., Matthews, K., Bemanian, A., Laud, P. W., & Nattinger, A. B. (2015). Cancer and Disparity in the Context of Residential Racial Segregation: Evidence from Southeastern Wisconsin. In Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers.


photography, running, cycling, programming



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